FUDDDGGEEE 690 Math II... :( Reflects badly??

<p>GAHHH I got a 690 on my Math II... and I KNEW I did horribly because I didn't have time to finish, skipped 5 questions, and just plain brain melted the rest of the time.</p>

<p>I'm applying to Ivy's and other top schools.... so does this look that bad ?? :((</p>

<p>The thing is, I didn't even need to take this stupid SAT II because I had already gotten 800 on USH and Bio and 790 on World History, but my dad made me take the damn thing! and on all the practice tests I had gotten like 750 or higher....</p>

<p>Since my other SAT II and SAT scores are excellent, will this score hurt me a lot? </p>

<p>my rant is over.</p>

<p>Just don't send this score. It is marginally above the nationwide average, but does not bode well for ivies</p>

<p>But don't Ivies and the like require to send all scores? or can you select which ones to send? <em>cross fingers</em></p>

<p>some Ivies requirte it and some don't, look to each school individually. Since it's math and you did so well on practice tests, why don't you retake it(I say this only because some schools require Math) I don't know what schools you are loooking at, mopre math/science or more humanities so that should also affect your decision. But...take comfort in knowing that I got a 690 as the HIGHER score on my two takes of it and still got into Yale. Don't overstress.</p>

<p>ECazndb8r- Then u must have had some extraordinary cc???????</p>

<p>Okay thanks :) Yeah my dad wants me to apply to MIT even though I want to be a polisci major (I think he still has hopes that I want to be an engineer or something) LOL maybe I should just forget about MIT :P</p>

<p>But I don't know whether I want to take it again... I didn't really prep well this time I guess ... like BARELY prepped, so I guess it's kind of my own fault :/</p>

<p>And i got a 690 on math too(major shock coz ive never gone below a 770 on practise tests)...however i used the 4 free score reports...so no way of calling the scores back :(.
What should i do/??? :(</p>

<p>MIT has a top polisci department, just FYI.</p>

<p>That's good to know... although they require a Math II... <em>CRIES</em>*</p>

<p>I'd retake it if you can. I know it's not ideal to have to retake an SAT II, but I would just to get it up to 770-800.</p>

<p>Just retake it and don't send your 690, even if they say to send all scores because I don't think there's a way for them to find out</p>

<p>@Perfectpixie If your really interested, I posted most of my stats on the Yale admit page of '14, that aside, I took 4 tests and sent all of them, I'm not sure if math counted since it wasn't required</p>

<p>to OP, I still say retake, but how did you do so well on practice tests w/o practicing? if you don't have other background in Math/Sci that is pretty phenomenal, don't count on MIT, sorry, but you can try anyway. Since your looking at PoliSci, I can recommend Yale! :) Sorry, had to.</p>

<p>ok i took 2 SAT subject tests this year. i did ok on the one that correlated with my future major but poorly on the one that doesnt correlate on my major. I dont believe i can use score choice now b.c. i already sent it using my 4 free score reports. the colleges consider ur highest scores from all sections. i plan on doing Math II and chem next year, which are both essential. would my non-correlated subject test do anything to limit me?</p>

<p>MIT would look at the higher score, in case you wanted to know.</p>

<p>Interesting to know that MIT has a good polisci department.</p>

<p>@ECazndb8r -- I was one of the top scorers in my class for GeoH (I actualy got an A+ 1st sem), AlgIIH, TrigH, and so I guess I was a little too overconfident that I would do well. The only prep I did was to take the 2 College Board practice tests and 2 Barron's tests, and I did pretty well on those. I guess I should prep this summer and retake it in the fall then :/</p>

<p>In the absence of other data, it will reflect that you aren't especially strong in math.</p>

<p>same thing happened to me!! i couldn't finish my chemistry subject test and ended up getting a 690 when i know that if i had finished i would have gotten at least a 700 (i read over the questions i didn't get to and they were really easy) you should probably take it over again in october and practice your timing, thats what i'm going to do</p>