Fulfilling GE's for two schools...

<p>I am currently pre-Poli Sci. However, I will eventually want to apply to the film school. I know my odds are very low of getting in, so I want to be realistic about this. But I'm having some difficulty figuring out my schedule, since both schools have different GE requirements. How do I satisfy both schools requirements before I know if I'll even get into the film school?</p>

<p>Is it best to just try and do requirements that overlap first? </p>

<p>And do the same GE classes apply to the film school? What about the clusters? </p>

<p>Any help would be appreciated.</p>


<p>I discovered (after calming down) that I don't have to fulfill the film schools requirements if I switch majors (so I'd only have to complete the L&S requirements).</p>

<p>My heads still spinning trying to figure out my schedule though...</p>


<p>also you technically don't have to fulfill the prereqs for film in order to apply. they really don't take that into account. it's mainly the interview and your writing samples. goodluck!</p>