Full classes

<p>When we try to put together a sample schedule, it seems that many of the classes are already full or show 1 space left. I understand that for each orientation session they have set aside slots so that in theory, those attending the later sessions are not at a disadvantage. So does that mean that all of these classes, like the TIDES classes that are showing full, are not really full yet? This would be good to know prior to going to orientation so that my son can choose alternatives if the ones he wants are not really available.</p>

<p>Yes, that is what it means. As I understand it, he should sign up for what he really wants, even if it shows full so he will be on the wait list. Then when they open the schedule July 1 or so, he will be in line to get in. You can of course confirm this with the advisor, but I think that is right.</p>

<p>I don't know what the strategy is for orientation/slots, but I can tell you that S (Tulane grad) had surprisingly good luck with the wait lists. He ultimately did get in lmost every class he was waitlisted for. Maybe it was just good luck. But, if it's a class your son is really interested in, this approach can work.</p>

<p>The hard part is that setting up a schedule is like dominoes---when one changes it can affect the others. So I recommend going to orientation with several schedules in mind to compensate for this. It's not easy but worth the upfront effort to figure out.</p>

<p>Tides classes are usually full at 15 students. My daughter was put on the waitlist for the Tides she wanted, it only had 10 students but was full. As soon as the next Orientation group showed up more spaces opened up and she was moved into the class and off the waitlist.</p>

<p>Thanks, these comments are all helpful. It took me a few hours last night to cobble together a schedule that worked but some of the courses only had one space left so I was concerned that the space will be gone before he gets to orientation. With Engineering there is not too much leeway in what courses to take. I am think now that a list of courses he needs and/or wants might work best when he goes to orientation.</p>

<p>With engineering, since the required courses and their sequence have little room for variation, they will make it work. The electives are more of an unknown, but won't let him get a year behind because something was "full". It will work out fine.</p>

<p>For the most part, you can get into any class you want if you are on the waitlist. My french class had about 6-7 on waitlist and the prof allowed all of them in. Just show up to the first day of class and talk to the prof and they will usually make accomodations</p>

<p>My D registered for classes online yesterday at Tulane orientation. She would like to waitlist a class so she can have the same chem professor as she has for the lab. When she goes back in onto gibson, it won't allow her to add a class that is full. How does she waitlist? There is no drop down box beneath the error message when she tries to register like the academic advising site says there will be.</p>

<p>nj_mom, I know the schedule of classes lists a professor for the labs, but they're all "taught" by TAs. I took general chemistry last year; all of the lab sections do the same experiments, but within each section are different TAs that supervise students and grade the lab reports. The professor who "taught" my lab last year (Jacobsen) wrote the lab manual but only visited my lab once. My understanding is that this is the case with all general chemistry labs.</p>

<p>Some things have not changed in years, lol. It is that way at virtually all research universities I think.</p>

<p>thx tigerlilly, but i guess my question still is, how do you get yourself on the waitlist for a class you'd prefer to take? my d has heard some things about a better chem professor than the one she chose and his class is full. it's the chem lecture that she's looking to change. i totally understand what you meant about the lab. that being said, when she goes in to add herself to the other chem class, she gets an error message because it is full, which i think is supposed to happen. there should then be a drop down where she can add herself to the waitlist beneath that errror message (per the tulane website) but there is not. anyone else run into this problem? fortunately this change of class won't affect any of her other classes because she currently has that time slot free so it definitely seems worth it to try to get in. just can't figure out why it's not working...</p>

<p>I wonder if your daughter is getting an error message because she is already registered for another section of that class. If that is true then she would need to drop the one section before she can waitlist the other.</p>

<p>The error message isn't the problem, actually. That part is supposed to happen. There just is no drop down menu where you can add your name to the waitlist.</p>

<p>From the Registering on Gibson page Tulane</a> University - registration instructions</p>

<p>Wait List</p>

<p>If you attempt to add a course that is full, you will receive an error message indicating that the course is closed, and how many students are already on the wait list, if any.
Below the error message, the course should appear with a drop-down menu. If you would like to add your name to the wait list, select “Waitlisted” from the menu. </p>

<p>Click the Submit Changes button.</p>

<p>Maybe this is just an issue until orientation is over and they open everything up?</p>

<p>I suggest your D call her advisor or email for an appointment for a teleconference. My DD registered herself online but wanted to switch some things around. She kept getting error messages because, as someone suggested, she was already signed up for another section. Computer wouldnt allow for alot of changes but counselor was able to do it in minutes. Much more time efficient. Give that a try.</p>

<p>In my experience I have gotten off every waitlist before the semester rolls around.</p>

<p>BUT not every class offers a waitlist. In either case if a class is full, its your best bet to show up to the first few weeks of classes and speak to the professor after the lecture about being added.</p>

<p>I'm a little agitated as to how Tulane opened course registration today. I got an email from Tulane saying registration would open 8am Central this morning, but they decided to open it up at midnight. Also, I was told at Destination Tulane that some seats in classes would be reserved for those that could not make orientation. I've been monitoring the classes I wanted to take and noticed that no additional seats were opened.</p>