Full; no seats vs Not Available


So I signed up for the SAT and I just want to know the difference between these two under “Availability” on the SAT sign up. I signed up for a location and it says “Not Available” for others when they try to sign up, but for me, it says I am signed up. Does that mean the location will get cancelled?


It might mean the test is canceled.
Or it may have filled after you signed up.

Technically if you are from Arizona (or several other hotspots) and have to fly to Illinois for the exam, you would have to quarantine two weeks upon arrival. I don’t know if the College Board is trying to keep up with that sort of thing or not. Unlikely, but possible.

The best way to find out if your test is canceled is to call directly the school where you are scheduled to test and ask the school if they are still on. They will know. We did this for DD after reading that advice here on CC, and we were able to reschedule at another center next month. A whole week went by after before CB officially announced the original site’s closing.

Good luck. We all need it!

Okay, you might be right. I will go ahead and call tomorrow. Thanks.

If it filled up after I signed up, it would have said no seats; full, correct?

Anyway, thanks.

The thing is, I am not calling for August, but rather September.

You would think, right? But CB has been a mess since the pandemic started. Call the high school and be ready for anything.