Full Ride for Wright State?

Im a home-schooled 10th grader, my dream college is wright State University. Is there anyway I could get a full-ride scholarship from wright State if I graduate 3.3 or higher GPA? Could I get a letter of recommendation asking if they could waive the costs of going there? Im working hard so I’m not expecting this just to fall in my lap out of nowhere. It’s just me and my mom and we do not make enough money to be able to afford college, this would mean so much to me if wright State would wave the costs for me. I live in Ohio and I live like 10 to 20 minutes away from wright State I always pass by just hoping I would be able to go to that college. Thank you for your time

Colleges don’t offer full rides because someone writes a letter asking them to waive the costs. The good news is that you seem to be within commuting distance of the school. Are you studying for the ACT or SAT? Some colleges award merit aid based on test scores and GPA. What classes are you taking?

Go to the WSU financial aid web site and put in your info. It will tell you what aid you will get. Your GPA will not get much. You will also need test scores (SAT or ACT).