Full Ride or Full Tuition BSMD

What BSMDs usually also provide full tuition scholarships for the undergraduate portion?

I also remember someone posting on an old thread about how their kid got into a BSMD in florida that offered full undergrad tuition + waived instate or OOS tution? Does anyone know what the name of this program is?

It might have been someone who got Benacquisto for undergrad but had also been accepted to the BS/MD program at USF. Benacquisto will most likely not be available to OOS students but some of the schools (FSU, UCF) may be offering their own scholarships that are similar (maybe not as generous, but still generous). You’ll have to check what the schools are doing individually as this change to Benacquisto is new and probably not reflected on the school’s webpage.

Arr you looking for merit scholarships or for need based aid?

Check with some BS/MD programs in Florida(do not call UF, they have EAP not BS/MD program). It is unlikely to have medical school tuition waived. Some UG programs may provide full-tuition scholarship which is not tied to a BS/MD program.

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