Full tuition merit aid chances

Hi guys,
I am a prospective international student from India looking to pursue a 3+2 program , hence an interest in liberal arts. I dream to go to IWU, but would just like to know my chances of merit aid because its most important for my selection of this school. My scores are as follows :

ACT : 32 (Sc 32, M 35 , E 33 , R 29 )
SAT Subject - Math II - 750
Rank : top 5 %


IB (predictive in bracket) : Math HL - 6 (6)
Physics HL- 6 (6)
Chem HL - 6 (6)
Eco SL - 7 (7)
Hindi - 5 (6)
Eng lit - 5 (6)
Total - 35 (39)


Headboy of the school

-Extracurriculars : National Tennis players, have come second all over India twice and third one. Captain of the State tennis team . State football player and city captain. Organised MUNs, executive committee member. Chair of MUN (DISEC & SPECPOL) and have received best position paper. Track and field 400m gold medalist x3 , 1500m gold x3, was torch bearer for the year 2014-15

  • Volunteer - built 40 toilets for the underprivileged by raising $4000 through miscellaneous event organisations and public awareness. IAYP silver medalist , in which, as service, I taught underprivileged children various skill such as using the computer, playing football, cricket, as well as reading.
  • scholarship - received an annual scholarship of $1500 for a year from an NGO for excellence in tennis. Have been receiving an annual $1000 from the state govt. for excellence in tennis.

Job/work experience : Intern at a multinational company in HRD department. Also completed a CSR activity with the HRD department, collaborating with an NGO to organise eye camp for underprivileged women.

Essays : I think I have a pretty convincing essay.

Recommendation : Great recommendation from both physics and english teacher who have known me or 8 years.

Strength - extracurriculars maybe I’m from India and it’ll add to the diversity.

weakness - my secondary year report/ grades