Full tuition UCONN vs Fordham. Thoughts?

So I have a full tuition scholarship and honors invite to both Fordham and UCONN. Making them both very close in money. I’m interested in accounting and may want to go CPA route which adds post undergrad credits. I am fairly adaptable in terms of urban vs rural campuses. I looking for the best program and internship opportunities. I may also want to be involved in marching band/ pep band. Both are equal distance to home. Fordham has a direct train ride option. Any thoughts???

Honestly I hate Fordham’s location. Campus is safe but not if you venture off campus. UCONN is a bigger campus but nothing to do if you venture out. I have never heard of anyone hating UCONN. Can you share your act and sat/gpa? I’d love to hear how you got a full ride to both schools. Congrats and good luck!!!

have you visited both colleges yet?

Yes to UCONN no to Fordham. Going during Spring break. It’s full tuition not full ride. So about $17000 for UCONN and $19000 for Fordham. So not free but a great deal. Trying to get an idea of which is the better program for accounting. GPA w4.6/rank 2/SAT 1560

I’d go with Fordham in terms of professional prospects, UConn if big sports are your thing.

UCONN is not only big on sports- it’s one of the biggest research universities in the country.

Fordham. Excellent internship opportunities. NYC is only 22 minutes away on MetroNorth. Many students start interning sophomore year. On campus recruiting for Business School is also very good. Lots of guest speakers, etc. from the city, too. Were you invited for the Honors program? If so, that comes with additional perks.

The only big sport at UCONN is women’s basketball. Even the once dominant men’s program has fallen in stature.

With Honors at both, you’ll have a good academic experience. So the difference is essentially environment/fit.
UConn is a large public university with a traditional college campus, spectator sports (this definition of school spirit doesn’t correlate with the teams’ national prowess: students want to see games, feel united in supporting their team even if they lose, etc), in a rural setting.
Fordham is a smaller, private university in New York City, where the business school has a lot of contacts and placements.
You posted on the UConn forum so of course people will defend UConn. But you’re lucky in that there’s no bad choice.

Can anyone speak to the quality of their accounting programs?

The plan was always to get a scholarship to UCONN. Ivy is a pipe dream that would be hard to afford even if it happens. Fordham giving that much money was a surprise and makes you think which is the better option? We didn’t visit Fordham because we knew it was a no go unless big money came through.

For full disclosure my S was an accounting major at Fordham. He had a great 4 year expereince there and ended up going to Notre Dame for his MS in Accounting (keep in mind that to be a CPA you now need 150 college credits – a typical BS is about 120 credits – some students get to the 150 credit using AP/summer classes etc. but many go on for a one year Masters). I think he got an excellent education, he seemed to have a number of professors he developed relationships with, there were relatively small (35 people or so generally) class sizes etc.

That said, I would suggest you revisit both schools on accepted students day. I imagine one can get a fine education at either place, but the two schools are about as different as can be in many ways so it is hard to believe you won’t have a preference. Here are a few obvious differences:
Rural v Urban
Public v Jesuit
Size of school
Core curriculum (Fordham has a large core curriculum which is typical of Jesuit schools – you should be able to find it online)

Agree, please visit both schools (or at least Fordham since you’ve seen UConn). They are different enough from an environment perspective that it should be easy to decide. From an accounting academics perspective they are equal.

The visits are scheduled for Spring break. We are leaving it up to her. Tough choice.
My husband did a 3/2 engineering program between Fairfield U and UCONN. So he saw both sides of private Jesuit vs public. I wish she had a suburban choice but these were the two schools that gave her the most money.

Nice! I have a son at Fairfield and a son at Storrs. Love them both for different reasons…

Hi, guys!!! I am really interested about Fordham Presidential scholarship, also interested in Global honours Program, Can anyone explain me last years who got presidential scholarship, what was their status???

@loki71: what happened during the visits? What did she choose and why? Is she happy with her choice?

My daughter is at Fordham. She received a full tuition scholarship plus $2000 towards room and board. She loves it and the GBHP cohort of 20. She felt internship opportunities were better and liked the personalized attention GBHP provides. She has already seen 6 Broadway plays for less than $80 through raffles and subsidized tickets. This was an agonizing decision but she feels it is the right choice. Highly recommend. She was #1 in her class 1560 SAT. Fordham gives out 20 full rides per year. Good luck!