Full-Tuition vs. Chancellor Scholarship?

<p>Hey guys, today I got a letter in the mail notifying me that I was awarded a full-tuition scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh!
Obviously I'm extremely glad to hear this and very thankful that I received it, but I did have one question about the Chancellors Scholarship - does the fact that I received the full-tuition scholarship mean that I will not receive an invitation to apply for the Chancellors Scholarship, or would I receive that message separately?</p>


<p>The invitation to apply for the Chancellor’s was included with DS’ letter informing him of the full tuition scholarship. It had a link to the application site in the letter.</p>



<p>IIRC the Chancellor’s Scholars applications were all full-tuition people who were invited to compete for the CS. It wasn’t a “you either get the CS or no money at all” type of deal.</p>

<p>i got the invitation to apply for the chancellors (and i did apply) but i did not get a full tuition offer only $5000 chancellor’s nominee scholarship. whats up with that? like if everyone else had full tuition. also i applied to the business school and most of the full tuition scholarships seem to be from the regular liberal arts school and the engineering school.</p>

<p>My son rec’d a full tuition letter recently but no Chancellor’s. I don’t think they invite all full tuition recipients to apply for Chancellor’s. We are thrilled with full tuition! Chancellor’s would be nice, but we’re not expecting it.</p>

<p>My dd got partial tuition, not full and got the invite for chancellors, so it isn’t just for full tuition.</p>



<p>Actually, good point. I was invited for Chancellor’s with a half-tuition. So, I guess it really just depends.</p>

<p>Just curious what your statistics were? Please let me know…thank you!</p>

<p>I got my full-tuition scholarship notification in the same letter as my CS invitation.</p>

<p>@madeline12, I know you weren’t talking to me, but I was 2250 SAT (2290 superscore)/36 ACT/4.43 weight, 3.8ish unweighted/lots of ECs and leadership stuff (music, literary arts mag, musical, language, etc.), plus 2 jobs.</p>

<p>Congrats on your offer of full tuition, OP! That is something to celebrate. My daughter is currently at PITT on a full tuition scholarship. She is in the dorms and has a meal plan, so our cost for her is about 10K for the year. It is really afordable-- I paid almost that much 10 years ago for room and board for one of my sons at SDSU!</p>

<p>She was invited to apply for Chancellors’ and went out to interview. Great experience! She was not selected and was bummed about it, but got over it pretty quick. Her stats were 4.32 weighted/4.0 unweighted, 2360 SAT/1560 Math and CR one sitting; lots of great ECS, including leadership. </p>

<p>She is soooo happy at PITT, and we are happy that she is happy. I am also happy that she will graduate with no debt from such a fine school. </p>

<p>So, OP, I hope you chose PITT, and don’t worry too much about Chancellors. If it happens for you- AWESOME! But if not, the full tuition scholarship is a gem by itself! Congrats again!</p>

<p>@CaliMomof5 Thanks so much for the encouragement :D</p>

<p>@madeline12 My stats are similar to those of luisarose…I’m OOS, partially homeschooled, 36 ACT/4.0 GPA unweighted/Captain of soccer team + president of 2 out of my school’s 3 clubs (it’s a really small school lol)/music lessons and lots of service with church and community/job working 15-20 hours a week 3 years of high school</p>

<p>I posted this question on another thread but am posting it here as well … did you students who are receiving scholarships actively apply for them or were they simply awarded based on your credentials? My child is enrolled for Fall 2013 and I’ve filled out FAFSA, but we have taken no other proactive steps directly with the University in search of scholarships or grants.</p>

<p>You are automatically considered for merit aid when you apply. High standardized test scores are very influential.</p>

<p>But for the chancellors scholarship u had to be nominated and then write three essays and submit stuff to the committee</p>

<p>The regular Pitt application has no essays if I am remembering correctly. However, to be considered for merit, I think an essay was required, Kosmojunior. My daughter is a senior, so I may be a bit foggy.</p>



<p>Right. The essay is an optional addition to the basic application (basic = Grades, SAT) which help improve your chances of admission as WELL as consideration for scholarship. I believe they expected at LEAST an essay, if not 1-3 LORs and a resume of leadership/activities.</p>

<p>Beyond that, nothing additional is to be done for a majority of the scholarships, with the except of the Chancellor’s as jj1119 mentioned. That requires a nomination from the school and there are additional essays/etc. that they send you to fill out for that.</p>

<p>Hi, I thought I would share my daughter’s information for those trying to figure out if they are eligible or not for merit scholarship. If you have high stats, you more than likely will receive some merit money, especially if you live OOS. But the criteria seems to deviate somewhat and that probably has something to do with ECs, essay, leadership, and other factors that cannot be quantified. But for the record, she received a full tuition scholarship, but was not invited to apply to chancellors. She had an ACT of 34, unweighted GPA of 4.0-took all honors and AP classes(I don’t remember her exact weighted GPA), and we live out of state. Even if the essay is optional, I suggest to include it. She is currently a freshmen, totally loves the school, the city, the students, etc. etc. Oh, you may also be interested in the following info: she submitted her ap around 12/1, acceptance letter dtd 12/8, scholarship letter dtd 12/19. Good luck!</p>

<p>I am of the opinion that either the application essay and/or EC’s are the make or break factor whether you will be invited to interview for the chancellor. I say this because 2 years ago, my son had 2400 SAT and near perfect grades - all AP/IB classes and was not invited to interview. His essay writing skills were his only weakness as he is more of a math/science type than a writer. I believe they may be looking at well-roundedness as a criteria</p>



<p>I agree. I had good stats (not ridiculously stellar) and was invited to apply for Chancellors. I think it had a bit to do with some of my unconventional ECs compared to what I would be studying in college (lots of theater, band, Latin, and planning a huge national conference compared to studying Engineering).</p>



<p>The two Chancellor winners my daughter knew were interested at the time of application in social/save the world issues, which does not fit my daughter’s interests at all. I think it is a crap shoot. My daughter had a 4.0 UW, 2290 SATs (800 CR and 760 M), was a two-sport varsity athlete, won her school’s research paper award as a junior, played the oboe, was recogonized regionally on the National German Exam, was a National AP Scholar, National Merit Scholar, won a prestigious book award from an Ivy alumni association, and competed on problem-solving teams for six years. She applied, but was not invited to interview. She still says she was somewhat surprized at not being invited to interview. When she interviewed with a physics professor, he asked her what she really thought the chances were that she would attend Pitt because of her record. We did not care because we were looking at being full pay at Chicago or Georgetown, and Pitt was a bargain with full tuition. She graduates in April.</p>