Fun Classes?

<p>was wondering if there was any particularly fun classes anyone has taken. A class or two people look forward to attending. </p>


<p>Are you looking for fun classes or just asking out of curiosity?</p>

<p>I ask because if you're looking for some we should know your major to make sure you can enroll in them.</p>


<p>jk. Uh, try Education 130. Some of the topics are a bit... intense. But overall, it was an enjoyable experience. Also, any class with Professor Langdon but the shyte head of the history department is apparently forcing him out so.... <em>sadface</em></p>

<p>im a polysci major, and yeah im looking for classes/ professors that engage the student o and "easy A" classes are fun in my book too but I am aware those are hard to come by at UCLA</p>

<p>Avoid Langdon in the history department, he talks way way way to fast and your forced to write down everything he says. If you wanted to sit in his class it might* be fun... but to actually take it.... NEVER!</p>

<p>Andersen in the Scandinavian department is amazing! Super fun being that it involves a lot of group discussions and work so you really get to meet people around you and nothing is too intensive. The Professor is also pretty young, is really nonchalant, and definitely any class with him is worth taking! I took a class on Hans Christian Andersen with him, he's not doing it Fall quarter but he is offering two classes which I know Ill be taking one of. Basically, Andersen = super fun class</p>

<p>Are there any beginning instrument classes? I always wanted to play the drums but my parents never let haha.</p>

<p>thanks lawl any other classes?</p>

<p>The best freakin class is Art & Architecture 10. The Professor, Robert Winter, is freakin hilarious as hell and the only thing you do in that class is watch jazz performances from live bands, orchestras, Chapelle show, other tv shows that involve humor, etc.</p>

<p>There is no homework in the class with the exception of attending plays at UCLA LIVE and one project in the quarter where you just photoshop a cool picture of yourself doing your favorite hobby and explaining why do you like doing this. Plus there are like 10 chances the entire to do extra credit, so it's nearly impossible to get anything less than an A or A-.</p>

<p>The final and midterm consists of about 50-100 questions or so and the questions are literally like this: "On the first day of school, what color jacket was Professor Winter wearing?"</p>

<p>MIMG6: Microbiology for Nonmajors with Wisnieski (dunno if that's spelled right) is quite the joke. She brings in food everyday and gives a crap-load of extra credit. There's practically no work involved.</p>

<p>Any class that Jay Phelan teaches. He is the most amazing professor in the world. He truly cares about his students. For example, I almost cried when he wrote at the bottom of his final exam, in tiny font: "I've really enjoyed having you guys in class! I will miss you! Have a great summer! - JP"</p>

<p>Professor Mahajan is INCREDIBLE as well. Her Hindi classes are amazing. I learned Hindi and Urdu script unbelievably quickly. I was able to read Hindi 3 weeks into the class. And she's also such a fun person to listen to. Class is so enjoyable to attend :)</p>

<p>im a neurosci major, but i took classics 30 with purves this quarter and it was great! it was mostly greek mythology, and some roman mythology. the class did take work, and there was a paper, midterm and final, but she is such a great lecturer!!! take it if you need that kind of GE and if you're into gory/taboo awesomeness =]</p>