Fun gifts for new admissions

Hi everyone! Trying to brainstorm unique gifts to share with class of '21 grads when they are accepted to college.

Many of the NCAA t-shirts sold on amazon have free returns. You know, since no shirt is going to fit well if the corresponding college sends a rejection.

@DrimmleDo I would suggest you wait until the student has actually decided to matriculate, and get something for that one college. Is that what you are asking about?

We got both of our kids college hooded sweatshirts. Sons was a pullover and daughter’s was a full zipper one. We got ourselves peel off decals for our car windows.


We bought shirts and sweatshirts with the college logo. Plus a new laptop following the spec recommended by the university for incoming freshmen.

I like the idea of a school sweatshirt. If someone is deciding between schools maybe a hat from each school? For graduation one of my son’s friends gave her friends a laundry bag in their new school colors with their name engraved on it. I thought it was a cute idea.

Aside from the college sweatshirt, we also bought our D a travel mug with the college logo and a license plate holder for her car.

Some things I still use and appreciate that were acceptance/graduation gifts:

  • a sturdy backpack (not too big though, we don’t have to cart around as many books as HS)
  • a largeish neutral colored shower towel with my name embroidered on one end (only cost of towel and ~$10 at a local shop to put on the name, there will be no confusion in bathrooms this way)
  • mug to start out with (although I am beginning to collect too many)
  • cash (no way around this one haha)
  • portable small speaker (could be waterproof or LED color-changing)
  • school lanyard for carrying wallet/ID (freshman phase everyone goes through)
  • school logo or color masks (suggestion only valid thru 6/21)
  • a pair of warm socks or slippers (for sluffing around the dorm)

I agree with all the prior ideas as well


My kid still uses her car license plate holder!

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we never did the license plate holder but we still have the vinyl decal in the back window of our cars.