Fun hypothetical situation for bored Crusaders

<p>If you have the power to merge Holy Cross, WPI, Clark U, Umass Med into one giant university and the power to bring them closer through land purchases to make a united campus, would you do it? And if you would, what would you call it?</p>

<p>Stats of a potential merged University:</p>

Holy Cross has 2817 students, Clark has 2069, and WPI has 2851
Clark has 711, WPI has 1018, HC has 0, Umass Med has 1008</p>

<p>So a potential merged university would have only 7737 undergraduates and 2737 graduates. It's a very manageable number for a university. The combined endowment would be a solid $1.223 bil. </p>

<p>Furthermore, a merged university of this caliber would make any school in Massachusetts fears for its own competitiveness (especially Tufts). Holy Cross would still be called College of Holy Cross (the Arts and Humanities branch of the university); Clark would have to be called Clark College (the Social Sciences branch, which plays well since Clark's two best program are Geography and Psy); WPI could still keep its name (the engineering and hard sciences branch). Umass probably would have to be called "(potential university's name) Med School."</p>

<p>The distance from all four are not that far away so land can be purchased to connect them.</p>

<p>I would name this new school the "Holy University of Clark in Worcester" or the "Worcester University of Clark and Cross"</p>

<p>Merger like this is not uncommon, Carnegie Mellon is one example.</p>

<p>I don't see any chance of it happening especially UMass since it is a state school. Not clear what the advantages would be to merging.</p>

<p>For name I would go with University of New England. I would de-emphasize Worcester since it is an old mill town.</p>

<p>Regrettably there already is a University of New England in Biddeford, ME. I had never heard of it though.</p>