fun new game!

<p>okay, so you say some weird personal quirk that you have, and then the next person diagnoses you. for example:</p>

<p>"i rock back and forth a lot"</p>

<p>"you have autism"</p>


<p>"i drink a lot of water"</p>

<p>"you have diabetes"</p>

<p>so i'll start:</p>

<p>i subscribe to way too many magazines.</p>

<p>you have terrible self esteem</p>

<p>I always move my legs up and down when im still</p>

<p>You have restless leg syndrome (lol)</p>

<p>I rub my eyes a lot.</p>

<p>You have too many breakups</p>

<p>I keep blowing me nose.</p>

<p>You're Irish.</p>

<p>I'm awesome.</p>

<p>you're not from the south</p>

<p>I love my team too much....</p>

<p>you have obsessive compulsive disorder</p>

<p>i hate hebrew</p>

<p>You are a nazi.</p>

<p>I am annoyed easily...</p>

<p>You are a New Yorker.</p>

<p>I wave a lighter around when a good song comes on iTunes.</p>

<p>you need to get out more
I sing and dance whenever possible</p>

<p>you're joli.hauter</p>

<p>you are depressed because of 1 b-ball game</p>

<p>you think you KNOW me..</p>

<p>i feel nauseous</p>

<p>You are pregnant.</p>

<p>I chew gum obsessively...</p>

<p>You'll get a Golden Ticket and go to some loony's choco factory and you'll wind up eating something that turns you into a blueberry.</p>

<p>My farts smell like cinnamon.</p>

<p>you have lupus</p>

<p>i like pirates</p>

<p>you have an inferiority complex</p>

<p>i avoid making eye-contact w/ people whenever possible</p>

<p>you have asperger's syndrome, and you should read "don't look me in the eye," because it's good</p>

<p>i'm not a spider</p>

<p>You are a homo sapien, a species with an average of 2 legs.</p>

<p>I like to state the obvious.</p>

<p>you're insecure and aren't comfortable saying something that could be challenged.</p>

<p>I break things really easily.</p>

<p>You have mild to moderate mental retardation.</p>

<p>I brush my teeth three times a day.</p>