Fun one-credit class for a freshman?

<p>I'm going into Michigan Engineering next year, and I'm looking to add some one-credit class to my schedule for fun. Not necessarily a "joke class" but something that's interesting and cool without adding a ton of workload or breaking my schedule. Any suggestions?</p>

<p>Geosci 103 - Dinosaurs and Other Failures</p>

<p>LSA</a> Course Guide</p>

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<p>ENGR 407 is completely attendance based</p>

<p>407 is only pass/fail though. They don't give grades.</p>

<p>Geosci 107 - volcanoes and earthquakes. Just a couple quizzes and a final.</p>

<p>there's website making and YouTube classes too.</p>

<p>I agree with the others. There's a ton of one credit geosci classes if that's your thing.</p>