Fun Time...

<p>Well time for a update: </p>

<p>I came to CC in NOVEMBER a lost parent who needed advice to help my great S. I received lots of great feedback, support and advice and to those who were so giving of their time, I say thank you!</p>

<p>An update on my S. Following the advice of those here he got on the ball and put together applications to 7 schools and I just wanted to provide a update and a quick comment on one school in particular. </p>

<p>So far:
Ohio S (School of Eng) - Accepted
UNC (Chemistry)- Waitlist
WUSL- Rejected

<p>The thing is as of today if my S ended up going to O.State he would be a happy kid. O.State does a spectacular job of making kids feel special even though a large school (numerous calls, emails, events, ect..ect) Because he would be happy at O.State the next few weeks are more exciting and fun than anything else. While the waitlist at UNC was a slight dissapointment, his comment was, heck better than a straight rejection! WUSL was kind of a downer for him because the school had started to grow on him (due to the 3 trees of mail they sent) but all in all it's a intresting fun time. </p>

<p>The main point of my post is that I'm pretty confident he would not be enjoying this time as much as he is without the advice and guidance I received here, so thank you!</p>

<p>Edit: One of the best peices of advice I got here was about helping my S set expectations. Only a small % of the already self selected pool gain admission to a few of his reach, high reach schools ie. WUSL so he has a very good base of expectations. A realistic expectation base is helping him see this as a positive vs negative experience.</p>

<p>Edit 2: By the way, this is not intended to be a post about which schools my S got into but a post to say thanks to those who posted, sent PM's a general note of thanks to the parents here in the parents forum.</p>

<p>DTDad, congratulations on your great attitude during these tension-filled few weeks.</p>

<p>I bet there are many, many people out there with stories like yours. CC helped me a lot too. </p>

<p>Now use that knowledge and pay it forward next year! Stick around and help out the next round of the clueless-and-confused!</p>



<p>Tell your son...Wash U sends three trees of mail to EVERYONE. My daughter actually chose NOT to apply there because she got sick of the (unsolicited) mail.</p>

<p>Congratulations. Ohio State is a FABULOUS school.</p>



<p>I hope you'll post which schools he did get into when the time is not gauche to do so. It is all part of the pool of CC data--plus we're interested on how things turn out.</p>

<p>I go to Ohio State and I <em>love</em> it. It's great that your son is into it! I hope he gets good news from his other schools that are left, too.</p>

<p>So what is all this stuff about THE Ohio State? I received a Christmas letter from a friend whose kids go there and everytime she mentioned the school in the letter, its was THE Ohio State.</p>

<p>(Not trying to hijack thread...just interested)</p>

<p>Here is what I found:</p>

<p>"In 1986, a new University logo was introduced in the hopes of moving away from the "OSU" symbol, which had been used since 1977. The change from simply "OSU" was said to "reflect the national stature of the institution." University officials wanted the institution to be known as "The Ohio State University," again, since OSU could also mean Oregon State and Oklahoma State University.</p>

<p>However, the "The" was actually part of the state legislation when the university was renamed in 1878. The following excerpt is from the Board of Trustee minutes: </p>

<p>"...the educational institution heretofore known as the 'Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College,' shall be known and designated hereafter as 'The Ohio State University.'"</p>

<p>Those who wanted the name change thought the original name was too narrow in scope, and that it was inadequate for the institution that was the only beneficiary of the land grant act. President Edward Orton was insistent that a new name would separate the institution from other colleges in Ohio. </p>

<p>Legend also has it that "The" was used to show the other colleges which institution was supposed to be the leader in the state - both in size and in financial support from the legislature. </p>

<p>Thanks for the nice post I will make sure to stay around and calm the parent who post next Oct/Nov in a panic like I was. I will also post his results when they come in, others doing so helped my S identify real opportunities. </p>

<p>Again thanks to all the parents/people who posted during my time of "need" </p>



<p>A warm and generous post. Here's to you and your son!</p>

<p>I always thought THE Ohio State referred to their only having one - HUGE - campus, whereas most state univs have multiple campuses. Thanks for clarifying!</p>

<p>Thanks, DTDad for THE Ohio State explanation. I think it sounds funny. If they wanted to differentiate themselves from the other OSUs, I think they should have used OhSU.</p>

<p>Just to add a little bit to Dad's post. While the "The" had always been an official part of the school's name, it's recent emphasis is more a result of the actions of the Ohio Governor in the sixties and seventies, and Ohio State's reaction to those (misguided) policies.</p>

<p>Emphasizing the "The" was done at the behest of OSU President Ed Jennings in the early 80's as a subtle refute to the policies of Governor Jim Rhodes whose higher education policies had sought to negate Ohio State's historic "flagship" role in the state's higher education system and replace it with a system based on mass quantity, competition between the various state colleges and a (false) veneer of no qualitative differences between the state colleges.</p>

<p>Using the "The" was a subtle reminder to the citizens and, more importantly, the legislators of Ohio that Ohio State had been founded and legally recognized to fulfill a different role in the state's higher education system than "the other state universities."</p>

<p>When my now-tall child was a very small child, I took some time from the excellent chorus with which I usually sang. I joined a church choir to keep my voice somewhat in shape; I knew the director of the church choir from previous musical activities.</p>

<p>For the last rehearsal of the season, the choir members decided they'd like to have a party; I volunteered my house for this endeavor. (Incentive to clean...) As at the time I didn't have a piano, the choir director made arrangements to come early in the day to drop off his electronic keyboard. </p>

<p>(There's a point to this, really...)</p>

<p>He arrived in the early afternoon, brought the keyboard in, and then followed me toward the kitchen, the one room in the house I hadn't yet cleaned (and boy, did it need it!!). At his first glimpse of the kitchen, he stopped dead in his tracks and stood, open-mouthed, as he looked around at the whole kitchen.</p>

<p>"I'm not done cleaning yet!," I told him. "I haven't gotten to this room yet, but it'll be clean by tonight!"</p>

<p>"No, it's not that..... your kitchen...... it's painted in OHIO STATE COLORS!!!!!!! Your.... whole... kitchen....! Ohio State colors!!"</p>

<p>Yeah, he'd gone there. :)</p>

<p>(It wasn't on purpose; I just like gray and red together!)</p>

<p>DTDad, congrats to your son!</p>

<p>DTDad, what a sane and positive post! Congratulations to you and your son. Too many of my D's friends are FREAKING OUT right now because they weren't as wise in their application lists. Nice work.</p>

<p>Speaking of events... he and his mom are participating in one right now. I figured it was only right she got to go after sitting with him at the kitchen table making sure he did homework all these years ...</p>

<p>8:30am – 8:55am Continental Breakfast and Registration</p>

<p>9:00am Welcome by Dean of College of Engineering</p>

<p>9:10am – 10:00am College of Engineering Overview Lisa Barclay, Recruitment Director</p>

<p>10:10am – 11:30am Tour engineering block with current engineering student </p>

<p>11: 30am – 12:30pm Lunch with Engineering Faculty and staff</p>

<p>12:45pm – 1:15pm Overview of Minority Engineering Program - Assistant Dean Minnie McGee</p>

<p>1:15pm – 2:00pm Parents: What Every Parent Should Know</p>

<p>1:15pm – 2:00pm Students: Engineering Professional Organization Overview and Q&A with current students</p>

<p>2:15pm Wrap-up and Evaluations</p>

<p>Pretty smart if you ask me by "The" OSU, set the hook before other acceptance/deny/waitlist information even comes in.</p>

<p>Edit: Thanks for the positive post, very much appreciated! Like I said, much of our plan came from the direct advice received on this forum.</p>

<p>Congrats to your son DTDad - don't disappear, I think it is extremely helpful for kids and parents to see the entire cycle of how choices work out, through the freshman year - when most kids figure out that this IS great college, no matter how they got to that point.</p>

<p>DTdad - Best of luck to you and your son. My son was in a similar situation two years ago - waitlisted at one of top publics (similar to UNC) and then rejected at one of the lower ivies. He is now going to his state flagship (PSU) and is very happy. He chose it over a number of good privates.
Similar schools really, although your football (and of course basketball) teams are better. :)
BTW, I found this board to be very helpful too. And I'm still on it after a few years!</p>

<p>I agree and think if used properly CC is a great help and provides a lot of useful information, particularly if you really have no idea of what to do. Of course, it can be overwhelming also, given there is a bias toward the better HS students in the country.</p>

<p>You make a great point about the population here being above the norm. One of the first things you realize (If Lucky) is that the 2300 SAT, 34 ACT seen here is NOT the norm in the general college bound population. There are plenty of opportunities for well rounded good students who don't see a 2200 SAT as a "bad" score.</p>

<p>Congrat to your son DTdad. I am a graduate of Ohio State University's College of Engineering(1970), received a wonderful education and still look forward to occasionally returning to campus. And I agree that many people get valuable advice here which helps them and their students at this time of year.</p>

<p>The Ohio State University is its formal name as has been explained in other posts. However it seen to have become know by the public at large as a result of NFL player introductions. I have never referred to it in that way.</p>

<p>Other schools in the Big 10 express the THE portion of the name with a total mocking tone. As in you are OSU, get over yourselves--nobody is mistaking you for Berkeley or Harvard yet.</p>