FUN update instagram account

Do you think it would be okay if I gave out my instagram username in my February update paragraph, or would it just be obnoxious? I don’t have much to talk about besides the fact that I focused on my art for the past two months and I don’t really know how to show that since I can’t send images or something like that.

don’t send it lol


Honestly, if it displays interesting and creative and artful images, I don’t see anything wrong with sharing it. I don’t see how sharing an Instagram account will hurt chances, and it only takes up a small amount of your characters. If they don’t care, they simply won’t look. If you’ve got good work on there and it’s important to you, I would share it.

I think if it helpful in someway - shows new or impressive activities ok to send Instagram account but not if “fluff” - just my 2 cents. We kept the update short - grades and a few comments about recent achievements & upcoming activities - bullet points.