Fun Wellesley Alumnae Facts

<p>These Wellesley College alumnae are pretty well known:</p>

[li]2 of the 3 women who served as Secretary of State - Madeline Albright and Hillary Clinton</p>[/li]
<p>[li]Movie stars - Ali McGraw, Elisabeth Shue, Anne Revere, Laura Allen</p>[/li]
<p>[li]Political consultant - Susan Estrich</p>[/li]
<p>[li]Entrepreneur - Robin Chase (Founder of Zipcar)</p>[/li]
<p>[li]NPR journalists - Cokie Roberts, Linda Wertheimer </p>[/li]
<p>[li]TV journalist celebrities - Diane Sawyer, Lynn Sherr, Kimberly Dozier, Michell Caruso-Cabrera</p>[/li]
<p>[li]Authors - Harriet Adams (Nancy Drew Series under the pen name Carolyn Keene), Judith Martin (Miss Manners) </p>[/li]
<p>[li]Screenwriters - Nora Ephron ("When Harry Met Sally", "Sleepless in Seattle", "You've Got Mail")</p>[/li]
<p>[li]Astronaut- Pamela Melroy (space shuttle commander)</p>[/li]
<p>[li]Composer - Katherine Davis ("The Little Drummer Boy")</p>[/li]
<p>[li]Songwriter - Katherine Lee Bates ("America, the Beautiful")[/li][/ul]</p>

<p>But, did you know that a Wellesley Woman...</p>

[li]Was the first person to use a home computer?[/li]Invented the concept of a computer operating system?
(Mary Wilkes)</p>

<p>[li]Developed the classification of Streptococci that all physicians are familiar with? (Group A Strep, Group B Strep, etc.)/li</p>

<p>[li]Developed the spectral classification of stars astronomers use today?/li</p>

<p>[li]Received one of the first software patents ever issued?[/li]Invented the principle of phone line switching that makes the phone system possible?
(Erna Hoover)</p>

<p>[li]Discovered the novel, Gone with the Wind, and was instrumental in bringing it to the movie screen?[/li]Convinced Ingmar Bergman to come to Hollywood?
Signed Laurence Olivier to his first American movie contract?
Signed Alfred Hitchcock to his first American studio?
(Kay Barrett)</p>

<p>[li]Fostered the early careers of 81 contemporary American composers with grants and commissions, including John Cage, Phillip Glass, Pierre Boulez?/li</p>

<p>[li]With Nobelist Barbara McClintock, proved that genetic recombination occurred through chromosomal crossover?/li</p>

<p>[li]Was likely the model for the character, Julia, in Lillian Hellman's "Pentimento" and the movie, "Julia"/li

<p>Wellesley women are claaaassssyy! :)</p>