<p>Hi i'm pretty sure im going to go to smc. i was just wondering about the fun there. Like weekend type activities, parties, etc. Do you have to go to ND to get it or does anything actually happen on the campus itself. If most of it is at ND is that a pain? Positives/negatives to fun esque activities</p>

<p>JBelle - Sorry I'm just a mom, but I'll try to answer! :) There are always weekend activities going on at both schools. There are parties at Saint Mary's, but I'd say there are far more at ND. And let's face it...girls like guys at parties so many head to the larger campus for socializing. There is a shuttle that runs between the two schools until a certain hour. My daughter says there are a ton of weeknight activities at both schools, but the weekends seem quieter at SMC - therefore the party scene is at ND on the weekends. Saint Mary's has a variety of dances each year and there are many dorm dances at ND. For those that aren't into the party scene and/or don't drink - you will find your way with other like minded people. They do exist! </p>

<p>She also mentioned that it's great to have the option of going to events OR staying on campus with your friends if you want a quieter weekend. I've said it a million times, but it's a best of both worlds situation at Saint Mary's. Large school activities combined a with small school focus on YOU at SMC.</p>