Fundraising ideas?

<p>My club needs to fundraise and I don't know what to do. Does someone have any ideas? Preferably something out-of-the-ordinary and unique instead of the usual (and boring) selling cupcakes or a car wash.</p>


<p>Good topic. I suspect a lot of highschool students would like this.</p>

<p>Some that stick out in my memory:</p>

<p>1) Hairy legs contest. You take pictures of guys with really hairy legs and post them with coffee cans beneath them. Students then "vote" for whichever has the hairiest legs by putting money in them. Whoever has the most money at the end has to have his legs shaved in front of others at lunch. (Hilarious, this one was.)</p>

<p>2) A battle of the grades. You put four 5-gallon jugs out and each class (grade) puts change into their jug. They can also put paper money into the other classes' jugs, but this means that that amount is deducted from the amount of change in that jug, in effect bringing down other classes' totals. It's fun and raises a lot of money if done right.</p>

<p>3) Slave auction. Auction off students for so many hours of labor to the faculty.</p>

<p>4) Hold a contest/raffle with an entry fee.</p>

<p>5) A "fun and games" night. Hard to pull off, as you'd need lots of things to do, but charging for them once the students are there brings in a lot of money. It's basically a high-school fair.</p>

<p>^ rofl, the hairy legs one is genius</p>

2) A battle of the grades.


<p>We had that one at our school for student government (the class that won would supposedly get some surprise reward), but then the administration wrote them a check for $100, so they ended up winning. Which was unfair, and sucked.</p>

<p>Someone I know did a "battle of the grades" for student government as well. But, someone's parents wrote them a check for almost $200 totalling the exact amount that their class was behind at the very end so that they would win.</p>

<p>Key Club makes a lot of money (I'm VP) selling carnations around Valentine's day. We sell like slips of paper that people fill out with grade, recipient, sender, and the recipient's second block class and a message about a week before Valentine's day. Then we deliver the slips to be passed out on Valentines day before lunch. Then you go and pick up your carnations at lunch. It's a lot of work sorting and selling and stuff, but it's a good profit. However, you do have to make sure to buy the right number of carnations (pre-ordering) so that you don't end up with too few or overly many. And if you don't have enough money for the investment of buying the flowers ahead of time...</p>