Fundraising Ideas

<p>What types of fundraisers does your school have? My friends and I are trying to raise enough money to start a charity concert w/ an A-List dance crew and music group. So far, we have the following fundraising ideas:</p>

<li>Jamba Juice Fundraiser </li>
<li>Bake Sales </li>
<li>Cookie Dough Fundraiser </li>
<li>Food Sale @ Clubs Day and After-school</li>
<li>Asking for sponsors from school clubs, local businesses and PTA</li>

<p>Yeah...we're going to need a lot more than this. Do you guys have any other ideas or suggestions for possible fundraisers?</p>

<p>car wash
Male talent show
dodgeball/battleball games</p>

<p>50/50 raffles are always an easy, effective means of fundraising</p>

<p>"Male talent show" </p>

<p>Oh goodness, hahaha. I organized something like that for my school during football season. Basically convinced a bunch of guys to go half-naked on stage and display their "talents" (rippling of muscles and other things of that effect, with some legit talents in between). Of course, I advertised the event as a homecoming game fundraiser, but everyone knew otherwise. </p>

<p>Girls lapped it up; guys were hatin'...jealous. I gotta admit it was pretty stupid, but you do what you gotta do. Charged $20 at the door (student-only event) with donations for performers. Raked in an easy $5K. Not bad for one night.</p>

<p>Do something exciting, and get the BMOC to back you up. All I really did was rent a venue, make some posters, and negotiate with the football teams in my city.</p>

<p>Ours is "Hot and Spicy". Whoever wins is basically Homecoming King.</p>