<p>How do the clubs/pubs/teams at your school typically raise money? I'm in charge of a club and I'd like to raise some money. Right now, we're selling candy(carry box of candy bars around and sell to kids who get hungry in class.) We plan to have a bake sale soon but I'm not sure about my school's regulations on that. So, anybody have some suggestions on other ways to get money?</p>

<p>Talent show. my club gets about 3000-4000 bucks from it annually.</p>

<p>We raised money last year for prom by selling boxes of citrus fruit and apples at Christmas. This year, the juniors are selling honey baked hams and turkeys at Thanksgiving through the honey baked ham store as part of their fundraising, too. We also sold biscuits from Hardee's at break or before school (yeah, that's a regional thing, lol). </p>

<p>Most groups raise money by having a bake sale or selling some type of food, lol.</p>