Funny, check this out

<p>The responses are the best...</p>

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<p>Oh yeah, somebody blitzed that around campus yesterday along with the guy's address and phone number. By this morning, the guy had unplugged his phone.</p>

<p>that's awesome...they got a # for him? I hope you all make his life miserable for a couple of weeks; the moron certainly deserves it...</p>

<p>They had like his number, his dorm room, his intended major, all sorts of crazy stuff.</p>

<p>I dunno, I kind of feel bad for the kid, he mighta been trying to just be funny. Oh well, the responses are even funnier!</p>

<p>haha go Dartmouth!</p>

<p>yeah seriously, he messed with the wrong school! Dartmouth owns schools spirit.</p>

<p>Kwame Spearman is awesome, that was hilarious.</p>

<p>This was one of the best instances of inflammatory polemical rhetoric I have seen anywhere, let alone in a college newspaper. The stated intent of the article was to start a rivalry with Dartmouth, a school with similar fortunes in sports. This goal was accomplished with an ease and naturalness that deserves to be praised. Instead of forced, nonsensical insults, the points that the author makes clearly strike a nerve among Dartmouth students who feel those stated inadequacies of their school. The overconfident, arrogant tone is absolutely necessary to the completion of this objective. A different, implied goal was to write a funny article. I, at least, found it hilarious in its absurd exaggerations of Dartmouth's rural and desolate atmosphere. It seems to me that all objectives of the article have been met with flying colors, and the author should be greatly commended.</p>

<p>i found it lame</p>

<p>I was tee'd off, wrote a response right after I read it.</p>

<p>About 10 minutes later I was laughing. I love Dartmouth and the Columbia kids who are bitter can have the city.</p>

<p>It was kind of funny in a juvenile way. I think it would have been best had everyone just ignored it.</p>

<p>LOL journogirl, you aren't a Dartmouth student and thus don't have a true concept of what it is to have Big Green pride...</p>