funny interview story

<p>this guy in my school was supposed to have an interview this weekend for pton, but he couldnt because he's in the school play, and he told that to his interviewer and now she's going with her 9 year old daughter. he told me the nervous part kicks in bc theyre doing a very dark/slightly tongue in cheek sexual play, and he doesn't want to traumatize the girl for life. he told his interviewer it might be a little dark for a little girl, but she still is very interested in going. now he has 10 times the pressue. poor guy!</p>

<p>lol that's funny but also really cool that the interviewer is so interested. I'd take that chance to do a good job and impress her.</p>

<p>I agree with Zant. I wish I'd get such an opportunity! He could really make an impression</p>

<p>Yea but on the interviewer, which I feel like is something like, no matter how much they love you, they can't get you in.</p>

<p>That's awesome! I wish my interviewer (if I ever get one) could come to the musical, but it opens Saturday, so...but yeah, that's definitely cool!</p>

<p>I can understand him being nervous - the interviewer will be seeing him in completely different light - around his friends, acting on stage, etc. But wow! That's a real opportunity to shine!</p>

<p>yeah thats what i said, but he's pretty concerned. he's a great actor though, and the show is actually well produced this time. looks like i'll have to ask him how it goes on monday!</p>

<p>What is the play called?</p>

<p>three penny opera, you probably know it, its by brecht. its realllllly good.</p>