funny picture

<p>like my decieving title eh? haha now you must reply</p>

<p>I plan to apply ED to Engineering</p>

<p>-I am Asian
-I got 740M 640V SAT junior year (waiting for October scores but feel I did much better)
-2 months work experience at CVS besides babysitting and such
-rank about top 12% in Simsbury CT
-about 4+ gpa: from weighted conversion of 20 scale
-varsity badminton("ha ha", watever)
-taking SAT II in Nov
-visited campus
-will plan interview with "powerful" alumni
-taking/took most AP courses offered (6 of 10 offered)
-only "C" in AP US History (never liked history too much)
-building hovercraft as senior project (oh yeah baby)
-decent essay
-dont need financial aid (if that helps me)
-modest award portfolio</p>

<p>Negative comments are welcomed as well. Thanks</p>

<p>you are here because of my trickeryness. now succumb to my wishes and tell me my chances</p>