Funny Question!!

<p>Hey, what does the acceptance letter look like? Does it come in a package or just seperate? And does the college send a rejection letter too, or if they dont send it at all is it assumed u didnt get in? Anyone?</p>

<p>I know that they send a rejection letter. That would just be cruel, to leave a student hanging in limbo. As to how the acceptance letter looks like, I have no idea.</p>

<p>I know there's one Ivy League school (I wanna say Yale) that sends the ACCEPTANCE letter in your standard-issue small letter-sized envelope. Imagine freaking out, seeing a thin envelope from a school like that, then opening it and seeing that you got in. Woo!</p>

<p>Wow, that's cruel. I'd rather know first without seeing the words inside.</p>

<p>yea i know, wow! It must feel so scary to see the package from the college show up at ur doorstep. The thoughts running through ur mind when u pick it up, slowly open it, .....</p>

<p>Generally speaking, it's a package.</p>

<p>I hear that schools like Harvard mix it up every year...rejection letters are thin one year and then thick the next...just to keep things interesting :)</p>

<p>I wonder how im going to feel once dec. 15th comes around next must feel soooo scary!</p>

<p>Harvard sends a pretty impressive acceptance package. It includes a formal certificate of acceptance suitable for framing. It looks sort of like a diploma. I'm not sure what that's for. I suppose in the event you wind up not going you can use it to prove to everyone (and yourself) that you did in fact get into Harvard . You also get letters from various deans and other officials all congratulating you and expressing hope you will come. There are all sorts of brochures and booklets about campus activities and organizations, event schedules, etc. It takes a while to read through it all. Oh yeah, and there is a reply card that you use to accept their offer.</p>

<p>Won't most of us know whether we got in by the time the letter/package comes? I know I signed up to get the online notification.</p>

<p>COOl! thanks</p>

<p>basically, when i got my harvard acceptence letter, it was actually directions to a warehouse
at the warhouse there were about 1000-1500 ppl to give me my harvard acceptance party
all the big dogs were there, everyone from admissions, the works
there was a huge banner that said congratulations
and a live dj
it was awesome
but then i told them i also got into community college, and i didnt wanna pass up an opportunity like that
so they gave me 100K and i went there
those harvard ppl
hard to get off ur bak</p>

<p>There is no package, per se. There is a regular envelope with a 2 page letter from Dean Fitzsimmons (signed and with the same 5 word personal message to all) and a reply card that must be returned by May 1 with your decision. The rest dribbles in a little at a time. Of course you'll probably get the email long before you see that envelope.</p>

<p>when do u get the email? before december 15th? or does the email come december 15th and the letter after that?</p>

<p>You're supposed to get the email before the letter. If you haven't gotten the email by (I think) 9:00AM EST, you can call the admissions office for an over-the-phone answer. That is one scary call.</p>

<p>9:00AM on what date? the 15th? or like weeks before?</p>

<p>It was Dec 13 for the class of '07 for both snail-mail and email. It was Dec 15 for the class of '05, but there was no email then.</p>