Funny stories about the tomorrow SAT

<p>Let me start.
I am taking the test in Bulgaria and the proctors just called to tell me that because of swine flue the test will be held in another building (All schools in the country are closed for the next two weeks) ..</p>

<p>Are you serious??????I'm form Bulgaria too but I don't know anything about the test</p>

<p>Varna ;}

<p>Wow in Sofia we don't have school next week :)</p>

<p>Same thing in Romania...
The testing center from my city was closed a few days ago due to swine flu, so... no SAT for the next two weeks (at least) :D/</p>

<p>My proctor called and told me that CB proposed the test to be rescheduled for December but I am taking Math II and World History so no way.</p>

<p>I just took the test and some students were "almost" not allowed to take the test because they had fever!</p>

<p>hihi I took the test with high fever. When i got home, I looked in the mirror : a zombie gazed back. But the SAT went really well:)</p>