Funny story i came up with when writtin my college essay

<p>Perhaps I have been misled by my professors during my high school years. Now during the next hour I will sit and write, looking for a moment or a memory to tell you about like my professors have told me to do so. I find myself running through my mind searching for a sad one. I think maybe they will feel pity me and give me a chance then I think of another memory; I should use the one where I won that debate during my English class against my teacher. Theirs something about those that just doesn’t fall into place and now I realize what I will write about. The moment in my life I’m going to write about is, now. There seems to be no other moment so important and so frustrating in my life that can tell you as much, of me as this one, besides my SAT test day. I sit and walk around my living room well my sisters living room just thinking of what to write. My little nephew calls my name out, he wants milk, and I prepare it and ask myself how I came to this moment
? Three years ago I was living in my mom’s country with my family. Little did I know that the year after a series of misfortunate events would lead me somewhere far from there. My parent split up the year after and I would be sent to my sister’s back to where I was born little Providence, Rhode Island. This year seemed to be going good my grades where up like always. Until that day my sister came home with a bad temper and I was frustrated with my grade level project so it came to a clash when she told me something well she yelled it. I responded like the usual teen “you’re not my mom so stop screaming at me”. Little did I know she would kick me out of her house and that would be the end of that. I moved into my cousin’s house the next day and everything was fine. A year after my sister’s husband decided to leave my sister and I was the only family my sister had here as she is my half sister and isn’t related to my cousins. She calls me one day saying I had received some mail but I knew what she wanted and after all she was my sister. I decided to leave the bad memories behind and help her out with my nephew. Everyday after school I rushed to her house and took care of him. Now I stand here looking for ideas of how to write my college essay and I realize that next year I’m not going to be able to be here for my sister. I realize that I became a man before I had expected to. My friends ask me why I never go to parties. and at first I lied but then I realized I shouldn’t be ashamed about the fact that I have responsibilities and that my family counts on my to be there for them. I used to get mad and not want to help them out but now it feels good when people ask my sister how’s your brother and she responds good, he’s helping me out a lot and he’s going to college next year, he’s a great kid.</p>