Funny Story..

<p>Ok, off topic for all you who are freshly accepted/denied (congrats and good luck elsewhere!)</p>

<p>I live in Connecticut. So today, I hear this girl telling our lunch table that she got into UCLA, but doesn't plan on telling her guidance counselor or her parents because she doesn't want to go there.</p>

<p>Mind you, she got rejected from UConn (instate obviously) which is not an easy feat. I remember thinking this girl was smart because she has this higher way of speaking, but got a glimpse of her report card (all C's in the core level classes) and realized she has GOT to be the most pretentious girl I have ever heard. </p>

<p>Obviously lying, I want to call her out so bad, would you feel the same?</p>

<p>Thought this was provide some humor/flattery for all those who got in, people lie to say they got into your school! Congrats all.</p>

<p>LOL so ask her where she is going to go. Seems like a lot of lying is going on, from what the boards are saying.</p>

<p>Wow, just noticed the other, almost identical thread. Yeah, I just find it demeaning to those who worked hard enough to get in, and also those with the integrity to admit they didn't get in or just not say anything about it.</p>

<p>how about this? i dont even go here ! ! and i post advice ?!</p>

<p>someone thought i was lying about my admission(i wasn't)...i felt bad LOL..but i made a bet with them then showed them my acceptance letter and they were like DAYUM SON....FLIPPIN NICE HOMIE G DAWG</p>

<p>lol laser I'm guessing to get in you had better than a C average in the lowest level classes offered at your school</p>

<p>i thought UConn was a good school lol</p>

<p>OR you can grow the **** up and say: "yeah, that's cool....>.>." And dare I say..move on with your life?</p>

<p>These threads make me feel slimy!</p>

<p>grasspuppet, I'm just sharing something, you don't like it, easy, grow the **** up and don't post on this thread and waste your time :) good post though, good post [/sarcasm]</p>

<p>FireEmblem it definitely is, just pretty easy to get into in-state</p>

<p>honestly, who cares if someone is lying...i guess i just don't get ****ed off about that kind of stuff</p>

<p>Someone else had a thread like this, and one of the posts told her to start describing the acceptance letter. If you are mean you could probably say, "Yeah, and you know the fact that they e-mail you your decision AND offer you a free plane ride to College Welcome Days, that's just so cool!"
Then when she responded "yeah", you could just laugh to yourself hysterically.
However, I think it's a BIT over-the-top. Don't say anything, she probably feels really stupid, getting rejected from her state school and all.</p>

<p>I wouldn't call her out, I would like to because lying about this kind of thing is pretty sad, but I'm too respectful to do that. What she says is her business, it just irks me. I was just wondering how other people would deal with this.</p>

<p>This thread was meant to be a more roundabout way of congratulating people who got in; imitation is the best form of flattery!</p>