Furman Class of 2023

Fingers crossed for all of us, @Kona2012! My daughter’s letter also had a personal note. I love that they take the time to do that!

My daughter was accepted to Furman also. Scholarship did not come close to what NPC gave me. She will find out about the music scholarship on Jan 1st. Is this why? Do they just knock down the amount on your Belltower because they know they will give it to you on your music scholarship? Anyone know how much a music scholarship can be?

My DD got the Furman scholar this summer. She just received the bell tower scholarship. Does anyone know if they are stackable, or if the bell tower replaces the Furman scholar?

@singingdaughter I believe that someone last year had the same issue with their merit scholarships not being as high and it was because of the music scholarship.
@tcd1970 They aren’t stackable and since the Bell Tower is higher than the Furman Scholar award it will replace it. I’m just hoping that he gets called for a higher merit in February since Wooster just offered him $34k a year and of course my husband is looking at the bottom line!

We received a Bell Tower as well which now replaces our Furman Scholar award. Now we wait for the next round.?

My daughter was also accepted today and received the Bell Tower scholarship as well and was awarded the Furman scholar last May. Do they also send something in the mail? Congratulations to everyone!

@donna1200 I believe they do send something in the mail. My son and I follow their instagram account and they have shown pictures of their acceptance mailings.

Congratulations to everyone with their acceptances and Bell Tower scholarships. This is my son’s number one choice and will most likely accept this offer. He’s just waiting for NC State (my alma mater) and Virginia Tech.
Where does everyone else stand with Furman?

Congrats to everyone! They do send a large packet by mail with a Furman flag. ?

Accepted with Bell Tower Scholarship! Did everyone else’s admission letter have a P.S. at the end talking about some aspect of their application? I have a few sentences about my essay.

@Kona2012 Furman is high on the list! Absolutely beautiful campus near a vibrant city, with great academics. We’re still waiting on one more EA decision, as well as some scholarship announcements.

DD was accepted with a Bell Tower. The P.S. mentioned what she wrote about in her essay. She has all of the accetpances back, so now she will have to really consider which is the best fit for her.

Accepted EA out of state with Bell Tower. Nice letter and we intend to visit again. High on my daughters list.

@snwalter28, it looks like yes. My son’s acceptance message also had a personal note at the end. (Only one out of all of his acceptances so far…nice touch Furman!)

Accepted EA, OOS with $23K bell tower. Was hoping for invite for Townes in Feb, but seems logical that only those offered full $25K bell tower would be invited. Anyone have experience or knowledge on this? Don’t want to give false hope.

Accepted EA, $25000 Bell tower. Just waiting on music scholarship info and invites. ?

Accepted EA as well with $25,000 Bell Tower and waiting to see what else comes our way.

We are hoping for something more as well! Need to cover the other 1/2 of fees!! Hoping for a music scholarship.

Daughter accepted Bell Tower Scholarship 20K hoping for more but very good school and high on her list.

Furman is a fantastic school. I am an alum. Son was accepted with 4.15W at very rigorous HS; 1570/45, NMSF, AP Scholar with Distinction, 800 on both SAT Subj Tests. 23k Bell Tower. Will see if get a letter on the other scholarships. Good luck to everyone and you can’t go wrong if you pick Furman!

Did everyone receive their financial aid packet? Was hoping for a wee bit more. ? Still not bad but wondering why they don’t have my son listed for Palmetto Fellows and only have the Life Scholarship listed. Our HS sent in the info to the state. I’ll have to call Furman tomorrow to see. Otherwise he did get a $5000 annual music scholarship along with his bell tower scholarship of $25k and Palmetto Fellows scholarship. So I guess the last piece of the puzzle is whether he is invited to interview for the bigger scholarships.