Furman Class of 2023

My son just hit the submit button for his EA application! Anyone else applying to Furman?

Yes, my DD applied EA also. Now the waiting begins!:slight_smile:

We applied EA as well.

My daughter applied EA as well. Guessing we should find out around the 20th of December.

Patiently waiting for EA decisions for my daughter!

DD accepted EA with Bell Tower Scholarship…she’s so excited!

@unicorn2 Do you mean ED? I didn’t think the EA decisions had been released.

@unicorn2 I hope you mean ED… LOL My son applied EA and we weren’t expecting to hear until 12/20.

My daughter also applied EA to Furman. Vocal performance audition there next week. Anyone else doing vocal performance?

@Kona2012 How many schools did your son apply to as early action? You’ve posted that he’s applied several places. Didn’t think that was allowed.

You are thinking of early decision, not early action. They sure make this confusing!

@chessasmom you’ve now asked me this question on three different areas. Yes my son applies to six schools EA which he is within his right to do. You are confusing this with ED which is binding. EA is not binding and the reason my son applied that way. He had all applications done by 11/1 except for Virginia Tech. No need to worry if we are doing the wrong thing - we visited 22 schools and did our due diligence. He had six top schools and they all had EA so he got his act together and completed the applications. We didn’t allow him to apply to any schools that were ED and he didn’t want to either because he wanted all the information before making a decision.

Anyone heard regarding acceptance to Furman? Does acceptance letters come via email or regular mail?

DD received email today that EA decision would be posted at 5pm on portal tomorrow (12/20)

@chessasmom the on!y restrictions on EA applications is if you apply SCEA-single choice early action.Then you are not allowed to apply to any other school EA or ED. You can still apply to rolling admissions with SCEA. Even with ED you can still apply to rolling, EA and RD schools -the commitment is to withdraw your application at the other schools of you are accepted to the ED school. You can’t wait to compare offers with ED, but colleges understand that students want to get applications in early. My DS2022 applied to an ED1 and rolling admissions school. When he was accepted to his ED school we informed the rolling college he wasn’t attending. DD2023 applied to four EA schools. I hope this clarifies the issue for you.

Acceptance notice is on the portal

My son is in at Furman, his #1 choice! He also was awarded the Bell Tower Scholarship. Keeping our fingers crossed though that he gets called for a bigger scholarship in mid-February.

Daughter was accepted. Neat video. Also received Bell Tower and hope for additional scholarship awards in Feb. Good luck everyone!

My daughter was accepted with a Bell Tower Scholarship of $23,000. UW 3.9/W 4.3, SAT 1510, 10/185. Also waiting for February… :smiley:

@Scarlet1 and @bettzke1 Congratulations to both of your daughters!! The video was really cool. Hopefully we all hear good news in February.
There was a note at the bottom of his acceptance letter congratulating my son on earning his 3rd degree black belt! Very cool.