Furman Music Scholarships

Does anyone know when decisions are made for these scholarships? Wondering if it would be with the financial aid packet.

I think they wait until after all the auditions are done. Auditions are still going on in February, so I’m assuming after that.

We were told my daughter would here from them by Jan 1st. Getting so anxious!

Hmmm I wonder. We were encouraged to apply early and audition early because they are more likely to give scholarships to those students.

@Themomof4 - My S19 planned on applying early, but because of other HS music commitments, could not make the audition date in December, so he moved to RD. Talked to his admissions counselor at Furman about it. Said there was not a difference in the dates, and they understood, since early December is extremely hard for band students.

Curious if anyone received music scholarships. My son received a $5,000/annual scholarship in music composition.

Does Furman email or mail Music Scholarship notifications?

I believe it can’t in the mail and was online.