Furman Too Small?

I’m currently considering Furman, but I’m pretty worried about it being too small. I’ve gone to really small schools throughout my life (there are less than 400 kids at my high school), and I personally find it really constricting. I like the idea of the small discussion based classes that Furman has to offer, but I can’t picture myself at a college where everyone knows everyone. Obviously it’s a lot larger than my high school, but I still can’t tell if there would be too few people in my grade. So does Furman feel small? If so, in what ways? PLEASE be honest!

I know you posted this a good bit ago but figured I’d answer just in case you’re still deciding on where to go or apply. I was super worried about Furman being too small as well. I went to small schools and wanted to make sure I didn’t get in that same environment where you feel you know literally everyone. I decided to take the risk on Furman because I absolutely loved the people throughout my visits. I found that the school is honestly the perfect size. At huge schools I find that many of my friends have super small friend groups and really only interact with them. At Furman I have many different friend groups and feel super connected to my community. I am constantly meeting new people throughout the year and I see people all the time that I have no idea who they are. As I tell everyone on my tours, don’t let the size play a factor. It may seem small on paper but it doesn’t have that feel. You’re more than welcome to direct message me for any other questions I can answer as a current student.

Thank you for this response. My daughter is also giving great consideration to Furman and is worried it may be too small. She loves everything about it otherwise.

My daughter really liked the smaller feel to Furman. It was a big draw for her. She had a chance to spend the weekend to play with the band recently, and I can say that the smallness of the campus was a perfect fit. So many students introduced themselves to her when they learned she would be coming to Furman in the fall. They introduced her to other friends, and she was also able to get to know several professors. It was a great experience to be on campus and experience what it felt like to not just be a number.