Furman Waitlist

I am a senior in high school and received the Furman Scholar Award and so I decided to apply to the university. I have a 32 ACT, 4.6 GPA, 5 APs. From the stats, I considered it a safety school but I was deferred and now waitlisted. I was wondering if anyone else experienced this/possible reasons why?

You received a “book” award at your school and applied? They pretty big on demonstrated interest - did you visit/tour or see the Furman rep at a college fair or school visit.
My daughter received the Bell Scholarship but did nor visit the campus. She made sure when the rep visited her school that she signed and made her self visible. She won’t be attending so that’s one more off the waitlist

Unfortunately my school did not have a rep visit and I would have to fly there from where I live so I was unable to visit. I do not think I would end up attending but I was just unsure as to how they chose their applicants this year

The school cares a TON about demonstrated interest, and tend to waitlist students who they think won’t actually attend the university.

Source: internal connections with AOs, can elaborate more to a mod if needed