<p>When I went to Amherst a couple months ago, I saw that the person I stayed with had a bed, desk, chair, and a dresser along with a bar by the door like a towel rack type thing. I was wondering if this is standard for a room at Amherst. What comes in a freshmen dorm room? Is there some essential piece of furniture that I might need to provide for myself or is everything covered?</p>


<p>You can find that on the website, I believe. I think it's under "Information for New Students".</p>

<p>I found several references to 'college furniture' but nothing specific about what furniture is included. Under furniture, it says that all essential furniture will be included but does this include a chair (like a non desk chair) or not?</p>

<p>There will be a basic desk chair, but if you want some other kind of chair, or a higher quality desk chair you'll have to bring it. Make sure to check the dimensions of your room before planning on extra furniture. My kid's room in his freshman dorm was small. Because he and his roommate did not want to bunk the beds, there really was no extra space for anything.</p>

<p>S1's room had two beds, two desks with chairs, and two dressers. Instead of bunking my son raised his adjustable bed to the highest level. He then stored his fridge, shelving unit, trunk and rollaway drawers under his bed. Room had a dresser and large desk with side drawers and shelving. Desk chair had rocker style legs, he just added a nice cushion. He brought a small papasan chair, tv and Ps3, laptop,printer and an extra monitor as well. There was also a bar in the open closet space with hooks to hang his towels. His roommate raised his bed also and stored everything underneath too.</p>

<p>DD cleaned rooms over the summer. Standard issue - bed, desk/built-ins (depending on dorm), chair and dresser.</p>

<p>So, based on what people are saying, the dorms are small and there's not much room. Would it be worth it then to get some of those bed risers to raise the bed higher off the ground for more under bed space? What bed risers would be best? </p>

<p>Thanks for all of the responses!</p>

Wait till you get your dorm assignment, and then see how the bed/riser situation is. I can say, and I'm sure everybody will agree with me that Amherst freshman dorms are awesome as far as dorms go. If I were you, I would actually wait till move in to determine what you need. Wal Mart and Target are right down the street to get anything you need.</p>

<p>I agree with GA2012MOM that you should wait until you see your room and then figure out what you want/what can fit/what your roommate has. We actually bought some bedrisers ahead of time but ended up returning them because the bed was built into an adjustable kind of frame (for lack of a better description) where you could set the mattress at different height levels -- like rentof4 says.</p>

<p>My kid was in one of the older freshman dorms and the rooms were small, but really nice. All the freshman dorms are very nice.</p>

<p>We also bought the bed risers and had to return them. Son's bed was already adjustable so he went that route. Many people in the dorm didn't realize that the beds had an adjustment at every bedpost where you could change the height of the bed. H an S helped many find this on move in day. He was in Charles Pratt and the room was very big. He just didn't want to see all the his stuff about so he stored it all under the bed. My recommendation is not to wait and go to Walmart or Target. We did that for a few small items and couldn't find a thing. Remember there are 5 schools in the area so many are shopping at the last minute.</p>

<p>Freshman get there earlier, so it is easier to find what you need at the stores. Just remember, you certainly can arrange to prebuy at your BBB and Wal-Mart and then pick up at the store.l</p>

<p>I agree that it's better to wait to buy stuff like bed risers until you check out your room or at least get your assigned dorm. Most freshman dorm rooms are actually really spacious. Lots of beds also have mattress frames that can be lifted higher on the bed posts to allow for storage underneath. Also, all essential furniture is provided (bed, mattress, desk, chair, dresser, closet, and recycling/trash cans) although some people buy nicer desk chairs and extra plastic bins/drawers for storage.</p>