"Further Review Required"- am I supposed to be worried?

Hello peeps, I’m a student that has applied to Bachelor of Arts.

McGill has asked me for first sem senior grades. I’ve uploaded them about 12 days ago.
I’ve already submitted my 11th grade and below grades on Jan 09th.
However, Minerva still states “Further Review Required” and according to the research I’ve done(http://www.is.mcgill.ca/whelp/sis_help/app_status.htm), it says that:

"Further Review Required

Undergraduate students: We are unable to make an admission decision as your file is still incomplete. Please verify your Checklist and submit requirements as soon as possible. Once the missing requirement(s) is received, your file will be reviewed again."

Should I be concerned? I don’t see any “missing requirements” on my app.

Edit: To anyone with a similar issue. Seems like this is a norm. Don’t be worried, I guess.

This comment further review required will only change after human intervention. After u submitted ur last desired documents no body from admission office might have seen the app. Once they see the comment will change