Future AP scores

If you send your AP scores to a college for tests you already took (my junior year), does AP automatically send the AP scores for this year (my senior year) to those same colleges?

I have already been accepted into my preferred university and I want to get credit for the AP exams I took last year…psy, APush and HumanGeo…because I want credit for those electives. However, I am now taking APMacro & APStats but don’t need those scores to be sent. I have been remote all year this year, and although I am getting A’s in the classes, these classes pertain to my major and I want to take them again next year in a better, more immersing, learning environment.

My preference is to get A’s in those two classes for my gpa, but forego the tests since I am going to turn around and take the same classes in college anyway.


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No, they don’t. And even if they somehow receive them, you can always decline AP credit to take the class in college.

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