Future aps

<p>are we supposed to put future ap’s on our application? if so, i don’t have room. should i put them in the additional information section?</p>

<p>i totally forgot about that!
I am only putting my 4 and 5s on my app but now im wondering if i should put them on.</p>

<p>I did, but I could fit them on my app..
They should be able to see that you're taking AP classes--albeit not the exams--from your application.</p>

<p>true i feel like im being repetetive from writing it as my senior schedule and also putting it under AP exams.</p>

<p>very true. but, at the same time, i read somewhere that you should put them on. not sure if the source was credible though...</p>

<p>What is we did bad on an AP Test, should we still put it? </p>

<p>I've heard it many times that colleges don't use AP scores as a factor in admissions. But I mean, if they see a bad score, how can they not wonder?</p>