<p>For all those future bruins, or possible future Bruins, what are your screen names and for what?</p>

<p>balerbaseball2 -aol
z2thay -yahoo</p>

<p>xbenedictchanx -aim</p>

<p>crazymeeker - aim</p>

<p>jambalaya janet - aim</p>

<p>anglietaneja- yahoo
<a href="mailto:anglierulz@hotmail.com">anglierulz@hotmail.com</a>- msn</p>

<p>Kbaby454 (on AIM)</p>

<p>Finally rejected by Stanford.</p>

<p>UCLA, here I come!</p>

<p>AIM: rot in obscurity</p>

<p>I'm not really that angsty, I swear it's from a quote. Also, I'm a terrible AIM conversationalist.</p>

<p>Wow. I really know how to sell myself.</p>

<p>Eh... I guess I'll join in. I'm a transfer student, and I don't know if I'm in yet, but providing I get in I'll be at UCLA next year...</p>

<p>AIM: Evergleam93</p>

<p>AIM: nyydjluver2</p>

<p>woooooo first post</p>

<p>kekemar - aim</p>

<p>wahinesurfer73 - aim</p>

<p>AIM: lalalandgirle</p>

<p>Not completely sure...awaiting finalized finaid info. I just became an out-of-state resident...UGH!!</p>

<p>yahoo: ineedadonut (yea it was cool in 7th grade)</p>

<p>woo UCLA class of '09! hey, i think it would be more useful to post more than just screen names, like whether you're an out-of-stater, what you're planning to major in, where you want to live next year, etc. i am from texas and im in the school of arts & sciences, i think i want to study communications. i'm not sure which dorm i want to live in, but i think it would be cool to talk to some girls that are looking for roommates (i'd rather get to know someone a little and then room with them rather than just get paired randomly)... my screen name is saritasurf5 if you want to talk!</p>

<p>AIM: VuPrideWorldWide</p>

<p>BeighBeigh- aim</p>

<p>I'm majoring in international relations and econ i think. im from southern california. anyone else with either of those majors? im me!</p>

<p>SN: hellabmxsj
Location: San Jose
Major: Bio</p>

<p>Name: Kent!</p>

<p>yay sarita! i need a roomate LoL </p>

<p>SN: midnightdanzer
Location: Los ANgeles
Major: Poli Sci and/or Global Studies---minor: Communication</p>

<p>Name: Jennifer</p>

<p>PVbebe! i remember you from the CMC boards---UCLA has so much more to offer and is better!</p>

<p>PVbebe1 - im for econ ...i think i put it the thread in the beginning</p>

<p>AIM: oojoonioo</p>

<p>i picking between usc UCLA and CAL ............but i have no IDEA which one~!</p>