Future Doctors of America

<p>Hi guys! I'm a new member of this site so I'm still learning my way around, but I figured that this would be a good place to mention what I had in mind. </p>

<pre><code>I am a Junior attending Concord University. My field of study is Pre-Professional Biology, also known as Pre-Med.

I'm wanting to start an organization at my college called Future Doctors of America. I know the name isn't totally original, but it's probably the closest description of my idea. This club would include all students looking to pursue a career in the medical field directly, or one of the many branching fields, so primarily pre-vet and pre-med students; there would be room for other groups that weren't necessarily looking to become a "doctor" per se.

I think that including a variety of scholarships, internships, study sessions, seminars and "field trips" would all be a vital part of the club and would also allow it to receive widespread attention and get this thing a little more common within the college community. I think that it would also be awesome if it would inspire some high schools to start similar programs so that there would be a "'bridge" for involved high school students that would allow them to continue the same, but more advanced program, in college.

I think that this would be a pretty good way to begin a career in the medical field and would have the potential to offer some great opportunities to prospective students. My only issues is, I have no idea how to get the thing going. I know that I would first need to speak with some of my professors and perhaps the Dean of Students, but I wanted to present the idea to everyone here first to see if what I'm envisioning has the chance of becoming a reality.

<p>Any comments, criticisms, or advice is greatly appreciated :)</p>

<p>I think this is a great idea. My high school has Future Business leaders or something like that lol. There are a lot of people at my school who would want to get involved in the medical field but know nothing about it. The only closest thing we have at my school is Sports Medicine (Physiology and Anatomy) and Pre-Vet, which I'm in right now.</p>

<p>That's so great! That's exactly the reason I want to get this thing started: to inform students of the vast amount of career choices available to them in the medical field. Not only would we help them get an idea of what they want to do with their education, we would also help them find a school that meets their financial situation and their field of study! :)</p>