Future High School Courses

<p>I would like to know what courses are best for students planning on applying to Wharton. I know economics and calculus are important to have on a Wharton application. This year, my junior year, I am taking AP Calc AB. Next year I have the choice of taking (among other classes) AP Calc BC, AP Stat and possibly AP Econ Micro/Macro which is offered every few years depending on the amount of students who want to take it. AP Econ was not offered this year which wasn't good, I'd like to have Econ classes on my application. Anyways, my question is what of the classes listed above should I take? If the answer is all of them, I may not be able to take AP physics next year, which is what I'm on track for. My high school is very small so there aren't many scheduling options. Also, would it hurt if I ended up taking BC Calc, AP Stat and AP Econ but no science? Thanks.</p>

<p>I forgot to add a few things to my first post...
What SAT II's are recommended to apply to Wharton? I took Math II last year (750) and I'm thinking physics and history. I'm taking honors physics and APUSH this year. Also, does being a legacy help? My dad attended Penn, not Wharton though. Thanks again!</p>

<p>Well since Wharton is business oriented I don't think it would hurt if you sacrificed AP physics for econ. I would say take AP Calculus BC and Stats w/ Econ. Also if you really want to take physics I am sure you could self-study Econ and send the scores in. Your math 2 sat is good but it would not hurt taking it again to try to do better (because most are high especially for wharton). Take any other subject test that interests you but def Math 2. Im not sure about the legacy thing...but I think so, its best to email admissions they will answer any questions you have. Good luck!</p>

<p>Hey! I remember seeing you on the Penn ED threads. Hope things are well, buddy.</p>

<p>I took AP Stats junior year and am in BC Calc and Macro/Micro Econ this year (senior year). I would assume that these subjects are more important than AP Physics. Though, it'd be nice if you could take an AP Science class next year (senior year) too.</p>

<p>Hey, congrats are getting in! This thread is from awhile ago and I've mostly answered the questions. The problem is my school is very small, so few AP classes are offered and I may need to sacrifice some APs in order to take others. I won't know until later this year though.</p>

<p>Thanks! And oh, gotcha. Well, any and all course selection difficulties can/should be explained by your counselor--that will help, for sure!</p>