Future in Finance- Yale or Dartmouth?

<p>Son was admitted to Yale and Dartmouth colleges; his current plan is a math/econ major and likely career in business/finance after working and pursuing an MBA. Please share your opinions about the pros and cons of attending Yale vs. Dartmouth for this future direction?</p>

<p>as someone in the hinterlands -- i would think yale by length --just seems more establishment than dartmouth</p>

<p>Either will serve him quite well, imo. I have a Stanford MBA myself and cannot see any advantage in one of those two undergrad institutions over the other in his seeking a future in finance and admission to an MBA program. He should choose the one he likes better.</p>

<p>Don't you already have a thread on the Yale vs. Dartmouth decision?</p>

<p>This thread is the real issue for son. He hasn't decided which is best fit. He wants a socially fun college experience and at the same time get an education and internship/job opportunities that lead to a great job and future acceptance to a top MBA school</p>

<p>IMO the question of where he fits better, is more comfortable, is much more significant than any hypothetical or theoretical differences, years down the road, in job prospects between these particular schools.</p>

<p>The most important factor IMO in his future success will be, not the school itself, but rather how well he does in school and then in his work. As to school, where he is happy he will do well---and doors will open.</p>

<p>he's a disciplined and self motivated student, doing well in school and excelling on tests seems to come naturally. Obviously to get into Yale and Dartmouth he did well in H.S. and tests. He likes exercise (currently training for a triathlon), hanging with friends, going out with his girlfriend, heavy talks about life with friends, going to baseball games, skiing, biking, running, going to comedy clubs and improv theaters. What do Yale v. Dartmouth have to offer to fit that?</p>

<p>That I personally cannot answer. If possible, visits (or second visits) would IMO be very helpful in getting specific answers and in choosing. We learned last year that colleges can look different when one is actually admitted. We took our son for extra visits to the two finalists last year and really all he did was walk around each campus--in one case, he was ready to leave in 45 minutes. But he ended up making the right decision for him.</p>

<p>Take a second visit if possible. The good news no real loser !!!</p>

<p>All the exercise, skiing stuff sounds more like Dartmouth to me.</p>

<p>At the particular NY bank where I worked some years ago, Dartmouth was better represented than Yale, but there's really no significance to that IMO. He should be able to get interviews from either place, and then how he does is up to him. I can't see that there's any difference whatsoever so far as opportunities for a finance career are concerned.</p>

<p>I was at Harvard a few weeks ago, and a graduating senior was telling me about how at her summer internship group at Goldman Sachs two years ago, only Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, and UPenn-Wharton were represented; she said there were certain companies that simply don't hire outside of these schools. Just one anecdote. Good luck and congratulations!</p>

<p>The two schools are totally different in atmosphere. I would think your son could answer the question himself by visiting or revisiting. He'll know where he feels most comfortable. Academically and prestige-wise they're both wonderful.</p>

<p>Yale for access to Financial corps.</p>