FWS: Introduction to University Writing 1370 SEM 105

<p>Hi everyone!</p>

<p>I am a freshman headed to Cornell this fall! I understand that we have to take two FWS, unless we have a 5 in AP Lit/ AP Lang. I was curious about the Introduction to University Writing 1370 SEM 105 FWS. Is this class geared for students who are aiming to improve their writing skills? Is this an Expository Writing Class? If I got a 4 on AP Literature do you think that I should take the class? In all honesty, I really want to improve my writing skills and am looking for a class that can help me do so. Any suggestions would surely be appreciated! :D Thank you!</p>

<p>I don't think you should bother taking the Intro to Writing seminar considering you got a 4 on AP Lit. I heard its also more into the technical aspects of language unlike the regular seminars.</p>

<p>Thanks! Do you have suggestions for any other classes that may improve my writing skills?</p>

<p>Any of the freshman writing seminars will improve your writing. Just find a few of them that have topics you are interested in to put on your ballot, and those should definitely improve your writing</p>

<p>Thanks for the input! In the end, I chose not to take Intro to University Writing and, instead, chose a History FWS!</p>