FYF/Urban Plunge

<p>I just got a letter in the mail about these programs. Does anyone have any experience with these? I'm really interested in doing Urban Plunge, do people usually enjoy doing it? Thanks for the help :)</p>

<p>hey i did this my freshman year and then was a mentor the year after. If you like community service or just learning about the community and the issues that surrounds fordham it will be great plus you will meet some people right before orientation.</p>

<p>There are advantages. But one disadvantage is that you wont be moving in on "move in day" which is really exciting and such. Though you will be there to watch it all go down. That may or may not be a benefit/disadvantage to you.</p>

<p>There are lots of opportunities for community service/tutoring in the South Bronx etc, or environmental cleanup in the area at Fordham. So this is not the only chance to do that if you are so inclined. </p>

<p>I heard it was fun and informative. Fordham plays a big role in the Bronx in many ways. My kid has had faculty members who were HUGE into community service and participate in it. </p>

<p>I can assure you that graduate schools, law schools, medical schools and employers are LOOKING for people who are "lending a hand in the community". They give them favor over kids who spent 4 years in a cubicle polishing their GPA's. </p>

<p>I commend you if you do the program, but dont feel bad if you don't. There will be plenty of chances to help out. Its all good.</p>

<p>Urban Plunge is a lot of fun. You get to move in early, which is definately a plus (my parents came back on actual move-in day with a few things I had forgotten and we avoided all the chaos). Also, you have a head start getting used to campus and making friends. Some of my best friends from Fordham I met on Urban Plunge!</p>

<p>But most importantly, you receive a great introduction to NYC. They take you to cultural sites in the Bronx, service projects in the surrounding neighborhoods, and recreational acitivites in Manhattan. You get a taste of the subway and bus systems which is a big help for when you and your friends want to visit different parts of the city later on.</p>

<p>I did Urban Plunge and it was one of the best parts of my year. It was great to meet people, help the NYC community, and generally just know upperclassmen while I was still new and adjusting to the school.
What ghostbuster said is a disadvantage I actually saw as an advantage. It's stressful enough moving in. By moving in a little early you get more time to move in, get settled, and avoid the rush of 1000 people vying for the elevators. I spent the time when everyone else moved in walking around the Lincoln Center area finding grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants and places to go. It was really helpful in getting aquatinted with my surroundings and a fun experience.
Urban Plunge also gives you a leg up in getting other leadership positions within the school. The faculty respect the work you have put in and getting accepted into the program. It helped me gain leadership roles in clubs and activities through the year.
I definitely recommend it to everyone!</p>

<p>Did everyone get letters on these programs? The only thing my S has received in the mail since his deposit confirmation was a request for wallet size pictures for FB and ID card!</p>

<p>I totally agree with nyc2013. My D did Urban Plunge this year and totally loved it. I was apprehensive at first because I thought it would take away the move-in experience, but as NYC said, it's actually better! We went up with her around Weds. of that week, so we had Weds. and Thurs. to buy stuff she needed up there (we flew up as we are pretty far away so we didn't take as much stuff as people who drive there). We then got to move her in on Friday, without any of her roommates, so she was able to choose her side of the room and set up without any of the pandomonium that accompanies move in day. We stayed in NYC the next two days, and were able to pick up stuff for her on Saturday, then we came to move in day on Sunday so we were able to have the move-in experience but since she had most of her stuff in already, it wasn't so crazy for us. We just brought over the stuff we picked up on Sat. which was helpful since we were able to see what else she needed after we moved her in. </p>

<p>As for the experience itself, she said it was awesome. She met a bunch of kids before school even started, and one in particular became her best friend and next year's roommate. Also, the experience provided such an impact on her she decided to minor in Urban Studies, and to participate in the Global Outreach programs Fordham offers. She's on one right now!</p>

<p>from the sound of it i think i am going to end up doing Urban Leap as well....anyone know about how selective it is or is it basically write a good essay and you can be a part of it?</p>

<p>My S had to request the info for Urban Plunge which was apparently supposed to have been included in the orientation packet but was not. Since he just finished school THIS WEEK, physics regents on Tues, he just completed the essay and will bring his application to the orientation at LC on Monday 6/28. The application does state that they will be considered first come first served and there are only 40 spots for each of the three options. So I would like to know if anyone has been closed out of Urban Plunge or not been accepted???</p>

<p>Thanks everyone. Graduation is tomorrow so I'll probably check back after that unless I need to veg in front of the computer before then! :)</p>

<p>In my LC urban plunge there was a grand total of about 30 kids, and I never heard about anyone who wanted to do it and couldn't so I wouldn't worry too much!</p>

<p>Thanks, NYC2013...glad to hear it. The LAST thing the kid needs is to write another essay for nothing! :)</p>

<p>Where can one find these applications? I am interested in applying....I received info about it in the mail but never received an app.</p>

<p>The info I received on it included a detachable form with the essay topic on it. I don't think that has changed since I know other to-be-freshman who received the same thing this year.</p>

<p>citygirl1018, my S had to email reslife for the application because he didn't get it either. They emailed him all the info about the program and the essay topics as well as the application,</p>

<p>@sandkmom thanks for the info. How much earlier do u get to move in if u do urban plunge?</p>

<p>Move in for UP is Friday, 8/27 so two days earlier. Also, you can either call Fr. Vin de Cola, SJ (212) 636-6696 or email him at <a href="mailto:decola@fordham.edu">decola@fordham.edu</a> for more info...he is Asst Dean of First Year Experience. We met him yesterday at LC summer orientation and my S handed in his UP application. He is interested in Arts NY which yesterday seemed to be the most popular choice.</p>