<p>Hi to all the Brunonians here :). I recently got placed into “Into the Machine” from my FYS choices (second choice) and didnt get my first choice, “Writers on Writing”, and fr the second round iv put the one open fr my only option. </p>

<p>The real question is, does anyone here have experience with Into the Machine? How is it? Hard grading? Is it difficult / boring in a way? When I first read it, I was interested and it would be nice for you people with experience to share your opinions :). And btw, im an prospective econ/math major :)</p>

<p>If Joanna Howard is teaching it (I think she always does?), take it.</p>

<p>Take it. Joanna’s great!</p>

<p>LOOOOVVVVVEEEEEEEEEE HER!!! into the machine is cool because you get both math/science AND lit kids. the perspectives are pretty interesting sometimes.</p>

<p>I noticed Writers on Writing said FYR WRIT at the end of the course description, but Into The Machine did not. Does that WRIT imply WoW is considered an “English” class but Into the Machine isn’t?</p>

<p>I don’t really understand what we mean when we use the WRIT notation. So, the only requirement Brown has is that you prove your capability to write well. But that means that at some point, you have to convince some advisor that you’re a capable writer. The WRIT courses, I think, can be thought of as “automatic” outs: if you pass one of these courses without getting flagged for poor writing capabilities, I’m fairly certain you’ll be considered to have “passed” your writing requirement. However, all you really have to do is take one class, sometime in your time at Brown, that requires some sort of essay/writing, then get your professor to agree that you’re a proficient writer.</p>

<p>Joanna’s class would definitely qualify as a class where you could “prove” your writing capability, though I can see why it’s not designated as writing intensive.</p>