(G1) Summer Studying Plan 2015

Hi guys,
So I am a rising junior and was just wondering what everyone’s study plans over the summer were in terms of SAT and IB prep. I shall share my study plan as well!

Hmm alright

SAT: Three weeks of Princeton Review, although this is more for the practice tests than the common sense tips they give you. Besides that, lots of self-testing with the Blue Book and Barron’s SAT 2400. Of course I do full tests at prep, but I’ve found it’s hard to set aside a full four hours for yourself so I split it up: I try to fit in a section whenever I have a spare half hour.

IB: Really there’s not much in the way of IB prepping besides what you’ve been assigned for the summer. I skipped a level of French so I have to make sure I solidly understand the grammatical concepts, but I can’t think of anything else necessary to prep for. What classes are you taking?