GA tech, tulane , unc chap, vandy [ed] , notre dame, and safety schoools

note: if you think ALL of these are reach schools for me, can you give me an idea of what colleges are good ? i want to major in chemical engineering
[ive deleted all superfluous information] i think
Class of ‘16

school stats

-1st generation Asian-American
-financial burdens including sister with severe visual disability
-fluent in Japanese and Korean
-Native Tennessean
-3.70 GPA
-SUPERSCORE: 32 (taking final one on october 24th aiming for 34

-studied violin for 15 years
-4 years in the most advanced musical ensemble in the state of Tennessee (Blair School of Music). 1 year as concert master and 2 years as 2nd violin principal. Students from even KY, MS, and AL come weekly for a 4 hour session.
-1 year in MTSBOA orchestra as 1st violin
-1st place in B.E.S.T robotics in TN – team (10th)
-1st place in B.E.S.T robotics in TN – team (11th)
-2nd place in B.E.S.T robotics in southeastern America – team(10th)
-1st place in B.E.S.T robotics in southeastern America – team (11th)
-number of chess awards [regional, state, national, and international]
-[2nd place national chess champion in 2007]
-[25th place international chess champion in 2009]
-HOSA state qualifier

HOSA (2 years) – gave speech on the relationship between school sports and concussions. Conducted experiment on percentage of people wearing seatbelts after leaving school.
ROBOTICS(3 years) – see above
RESTAURANT(3 YEARS) – 20 hours a week, taking most rigorous classes, learned the value of time management, communication skills, and leadership.
CHESS CLUB (4 YEARS) – 2 years as officer and taught many students on how to improve chess styles
MOCK TRIAL (2 YEARS) - learned the value of thinking quickly and importance of speech.
TRACK AND FIELD (2 years) – everyday after school and then went to work 5 times a week
MATH TUTORING(2-3 YEARS) – 1 and only other volunteer who taught many other students about complicated math problems and explained how certain problems are solved and creating new one to solve for themselves.
NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY (2 years) – volunteered at local historic site (Rock Castle). Volunteered at local church during thanksgiving. Volunteered at WalMart during Christmas sponsored Toy and Gift shopping spree for underprivileged children Learned about the importance of giving back to the community and appreciated at looking at the happy faces of many children.
BETA CLUB OFFICER (1 YEAR) – meticulously documented and organized files that many other students gave to the teacher.
CHURCH (3 YEARS) – played the violin for the church on every Wednesday/Sunday for a total of 6 hours and played during the mass. Played during Christmas week.
TEACHING VIOLIN – teaching violin to 5 students for one hour on top of working at restaurant and currently preparing them to be accepted into one of the most selective musical ensemble in state of TN (MTSBOA).
NASHVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY (1 YEAR) – volunteered for nearly 100+ hours during summer and guided other new volunteers on how to maintain the largest library in state of tennessee.
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GPA and tests scores are slightly lower than the means for most of these colleges, BUT WOW YOUR ECS INCREDIBLE. I think you’ll get into all of them. You might try VaTech as a safety school. Alabama and auburn, and UF as well. You shouldn’t have much problem with any of those and they all have pretty good engineering programs.

thanks. bump.


btw. this is EXACTLY…(almost) whats on my common app. nothing more, nothing les.s\


bump. also can you give me suggestions as to other kinds of schools that i can attend to ? for my reach schools, i was going to do either Stanford or Yale. IF ANY , which should i apply for ?