Gahhhh What's The Point!

<p>How important is music as an extracurricular activity in college admissions? I don't exactly mean that someone, for example, has played piano for fun for 6 years and blahblahblah...I mean if you are REALLY passionate about music. I know colleges like to see that (and it could make or break your chances), but...could anyone cite specific examples?</p>

<p>Me neither. I guess it is easier for nerds to play a piano then tackle someone. Haha.. i'm just messing. However there is some truth in what I speak. You could always try writing a book on something you find interesting or cure cancer.</p>

<p>The main problem with music as an extracurricular is that it is often overused by the most competitive college applicants. In other words, basically too many people play an instrument, and they cancel each other out.</p>

<p>This would not be the case if you were some sort of music prodigy, but you can't just decide to become one.</p>

<p>hahah yea. well to bring it to a personal level i am really involved...and while i wouldnt consider myself a prodigy i did get first in the state :P</p>

<p>If you really are passionate (and good) at playing an instrument, you could show it by playing in regional, state, and even national youth orchestras, winning competitions, etc.</p>

<p>But my friend was also ranked top 10 piano player in southern CA, won many competitions, played for old people in senior homes, and still got rejected from UCLA. Go figure.</p>

<p>Don't think about impressing. Think about expressing. It doesn't matter so much whether you got first place in a regional competition or play in the National Youth Symphony Orchestra. If music is a part of who you are, let that shine through in your application, and I promise it will be noticed and appreciated.</p>

<p>yes, but if you are that passionate, why not show it off by joining orchestras and surrounding yourself with others who are just as passionate as you are? even if you're not the concertmaster, joining the school band or orchestra will help you to become a better player. It's hard to shine with music as an ec because it is used by so many applicants...</p>