Gainesville Apartment Reccomendations?

<p>At present, I'm a student at UF who (sadly) resides in the dorms. I've been hunting for apartments in the area around UF, and just have managed to find so many conflicting opinions on places that I'm having a lot of difficulty on deciding on an apartment complex.</p>

<p>I'm looking for stuff on the lower end of the cost spectrum, so probably places that offer four person apartments. The only real requirement (aside from being easily accessible on the bus routes!) I have is that it has an acceptable fitness/gym room, with at least the basic exercise equipment. This has been the main issue - many places, like the District say they have one, but in reality its a tiny room with most of the machines broken.</p>

<p>So, anyone's personal opinions or experiences on the apartment complexes in G'ville would be awesome and much appreciated! Oh, and if anyone has any experiences with either The District on 62nd, or Cabana Beach I'd enjoy reading them - especially Cabana beach, as the mixed reviews I get from people for there are what prompted this post.</p>

<p>I've read through a lot of the threads that come up for apartments, but there aren't that many specific recommendations.</p>


<p>i live at the woodlands in a 4 bedroom. its nice. gym is well maintained. cabana beach is kind of sketchy. don't know anything about the districts' gym.</p>

<p>if you think you'll be making multiple trips to campus per day regularly, i do not advise living down 20th. its a 20-30 minute bus ride each way, and its usually crowded.</p>

<p>My D has lived at 2nd Avenue Centre formerly Jefferson 2nd Avenue for three years. The location is great in that you don't have to ride any bus as it's just a 7 minute walk from the Northeast edge of campus. </p>

<p>You will hear good and bad about most every complex, so it boils down to what is important to you. They do have a workout facility which is currently being enlarged.</p>

<p>They also have a parking garage and heated swimming pool. Think about the time you save each day not having to rely on bus transportation.</p>