Gaining readmission back to my university's psych program

I was told by my old friend’s parents to seek a petition to challenge my school’s ruling on my dismissal from the psych program which is UCR. However, I need help and I have a question at the moment; below is are links containing instructions for a petition to appeal academic dismissal and the form. I need help for clarifications in the instructions and who do I send the form to? Do I send it to the department chair, associate dean, dean, or provost? (The very bottom link is the instructions, and the top is the form)

[Petition form]

Petition to Appeal Academic Dismissal instructions (UCR)

You need to send it to the College of CHASS dean’s since that is the signature required to gain approval.

See the signature on the bottom of the form.

But I’m still a bit puzzled with the instructions given which is in the top link.

What do you need clarification on in the first form? If I remember correctly, you were dismissed from your major for not completing the required courses by the deadline. Also you failed a few courses, so were you given a plan after dismissal what you needed to do for readmission?

Here is where the readmission petition needs to be sent:

College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
3400 Humanities and Social Sciences Building, Riverside, CA 92521, 951-827-3683

It also states you may have to meet the dean (not sure if this will be a virtual meeting) prior to readmission approval.

I was never given a plan for that

So did you do the following below?

Students who were dismissed from the University and are seeking readmission into a CHASS major should schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor in the Student Academic Affairs Office. In many cases, students will be asked to complete UCR courses through Concurrent Enrollment at UCR Extension Center or through UCR Summer Sessions in order to repair their GPA. Academic Advisors will provide additional details on readmission requirements specific to the student’s situation. Students will also have to meet with the Departmental Academic Advisor for approval to readmit into their major. After they have met all of the requirements, they can apply for readmission.

If you did not get an academic plan from a UCR advisor then it might be problematic for readmission especially since it has been a year since the dismissal. Still unsure on why you did not seek out help and determining what you needed to do for readmission to UCR. I personally think that ship has sailed and you need to find another school where you can complete your degree. Schools are not going hold your hand and tell you what you need to do. You need to be proactive and find seek out the information you need to succeed.

To be clear, I wasn’t dismissed from the University, I was dismissed from an undergrad program for psych.

So did you inquire what you needed to do get readmitted into your major or even ask if readmission was possible?

I’ve asked my old advisor that numerous of times, and I get a no from her by telling me that the department’s discontinuation policy doesn’t permit it. In other words, my old advisor never tells me how.

Either there is no option for readmission into your major or you need to contact another advisor through Student affairs. The forms you have posted are for academic dismissal from the university and not from your major.

If the department’s policy doesn’t permit reinstatement it doesn’t sound like there’s an appeal process for her to tell you about. Have you contacted the department chair to confirm whether or not it’s possible to get readmitted?

I asked the chair if I have complex questions to ask how do I contact you. And then he said he’s rarely involved in readmission decisions and suggests me to contact an advisor.