Gallatin Chances

<p>White Female from Jersey
GPA: 3.6 u/w cum....I've stayed fairly consistent and always been on the honor grades dipped a bit sophomore year but I brought them back up by the end of the year
Courses: All honors up until Junior year when I took the one and only AP that was offered junior year and the rest honors....Senior year I have 3 AP and the rest honors.</p>

Junior Statesmen of America 9-12 (President senior year)
WIHA Communications Club 10-12
Arts Culture and Theatre Club 9-12 (President senior year)
Classical Vocal Training 7 years
CCD teacher 11 & 12
Parish Summer Camp Counselor/Founder 8-12
Peer Minister 12
NHS 11-12</p>

Girl Scout Silver Award
National Merit Commended Scholar</p>

<p>Work Experience:
Clay Cafe Pottery Studio, Assistant Manager and Studio Artist 05/03-Present (20 hrs/week)
Babysitter for one specific family 05/04-Present (15 hrs/week)
Creskill Animal Hospital, veteriniary assistant 06/02-06/03 (25 hrs/week)</p>

<p>I'm applying to Gallatin and in my seperate essay that I wrote for gallatin I said I had interests in music, poli/sci, communcations, and sociology. I also said in the essay that I would like to have a career in public relations or advertising. </p>

<p>I've applied ED so what do you think? I know I'm not a shoe-in but then again I don't think anyone is at NYU. But do I maybe have a chance?</p>

<p>Nice! I applied to Gallatin also.
You have better chances than me. :) to be honest with you. make me anyway, good luck
you will get in. don't worry. sit back and relax</p>

<p>you know, Gallatin recommends (requieres?) that an applicant to submit a statement about why he or she chose Gallatin? well i wrote about it where they ask you (among little personal statements) why you chose the particular program/concentration and you think that's enough? I live very very close to NYU and if that's not enough i am going to write about it and send it to the office tomorrow. what do you think? well i hope you come to the bulletin board before Nov 1 lololol</p>

<p>oh and i enjoyed your Xanga...except that your date of birth really confused me lolol</p>

<p>I wrote an entire other essay about why I want to attend Gallatin. When I went to the presentation for Gallatin the adcom suggested it and said it really helps them make their desicions so now go write that essay!
Also, do you have a xanga or blog or anything? I'm glad you liked mine!</p>


<p>Unfortunately, nope i do not have a xanga. I used to have one, but i stopped posting my journals after a few days. (yea lol as you can see, i am not the type of person who would do xanga lol) i couldn't help it. My journals got too personal, so i had to actually stop myself from posting. (oh well lol).</p>

<p>the time is up. I am pushing it with my essay though. yes, it's not about why i would like to attend Gallatin but about a significant person while i was in China. the essay turned out to be a pretty good one (no kidding..). well God help me. it's not under my control now.</p>

<p>also...although i do not know how much it would boost my chances, i think my teacher's (an NYU instructor) recommendation might put me into a different least, i wish!</p>

<p>I seriously hope that we both get in to Gallatin. but it would be goddamn awkward if one of us get a "reject"...and complain about it here sometime in well that won't happen</p>

<p>you know what? what the hell, i am going to make my Xanga.<br>
well, i will post my stuff up and tell you how to get to my xanga. :)</p>

<p>good night</p>

<p>oh please raTe me! 0-8 scale. :)
it's ok, you can tell me the truth :) bye!</p>

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<p>Does anyone else have an opinion on my chances? <em>Bump Bump</em></p>

<p>I'm applying to Gallatin ED aswell. Hopefully your chance is good because if it isn't than neither is mine! I think that you have a pretty good chance and I would like to think I do as wel,l but what worries me is whether or not the nimber of applicants will increase because of the olsen twins. I hope not. But I think Gallatin looks for different things in your application like your motivations and whether or not you fully understand Gallatin's curriculum. So if you did that along with your grades and scores a think you have a pretty decent shot.</p>